5 Best Automation Use Cases in Business

Check out the best automation use cases in business. What are the ways we can use automation? How does it affect the industry nowadays? Let’s find out. 

5 Best Automation Use Cases in Business

#1 Automation in Customer Support

A human is something that can do better than a machine. It means that you can solve your customer’s problems by using your creativity and emotions. But there is something in the machine that makes it more efficient and effective than a human — automation. It’s done by using several bots or AI applications.

For example, if we talk about the most common issue in customer support — spam messages. According to the report, “90% of customers who leave a company do so because of poor customer service” [Source: HubSpot]. And when we see spam messages, we feel bad for our customers and want to solve their problems as soon as possible.

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But how exactly can we solve it? As it’s done by using automation! We can create a bot that will scan the account for all kinds of spam messages and take an action depending on its type. For example, auto-reply to all of the spammers with the standard message, or report them to the system administrator or delete them automatically.

#2 Automation in Marketing

A marketing automation platform is something that helps you make your marketing strategy more productive and efficient. Let’s say you have an e-marketing campaign with different marketing tactics for each stage of it (cold outreach, warm outreach, retargeting). You have several tools that help you automate these tasks, but they are still manual because you have to perform actions manually for your users who will get responses from bots sure but only via email.

#3 Automation Use Cases in Sales

The sales automation tool helps sales reps save time on routine tasks like sending emails or following up with prospects without missing any opportunities or interactions between sales reps and sales prospects. If a sales rep uses this tool correctly he/she can get more information about prospects and follow up with them at the right time. This way sales reps can focus more on closing deals and less on routine tasks.

#4 Automation in Recruiting

Recruiting is something that every company needs to do to grow, but it’s one of the most time-consuming activities. But what if we said there is a tool that will help you to save time and make your recruiting process more effective? If you’re thinking about automation tools, you’re right! 

Automation tools like HireVue or SmartRecruiters help to automate your recruiting process, by using video interviews, for example. These interviews allow hiring teams to quickly review multiple candidates, and shortlist the best ones for the next round of the interview process.

#5 Automation in Finance

If you’re a company that works with a lot of data, especially financial data, then automation is the right thing for you. Here are some examples of automation tools that can be useful for you:

1. FinanceBot — it is a bot that helps business owners with day-to-day activities like analyzing financial data about their business, managing company expenses, and creating budgets for future spending. It also allows you to calculate taxes and manage your accounting tasks.

2. Expensify — this tool is used to track your expenses and invoices all in one place. You can create a new expense report with a photo of a receipt and the app will recognize the numbers and add it to your report. It is a convenient tool if you work with a lot of receipts during the day.


So, these were some of the best ways to use automation in your business. I hope you liked the way we presented this topic and these case studies, which can serve as a great example for your operations. 

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