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Digital Transformation Google

Digital transformation Google becomes the destiny of the digital world. How does Google make change through software?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Google

Google’s research shows that those who used digital transformation get more benefits. Firms can save up to 30% of their fees. Also, it can help develop their earnings by 20%.

But, the reports say that only 2% of businesses are doing changes.

Thus, Google helps digital transformation. They also called the five As of a successful one.

  1. Audience – how you know and connect with buyers
  2. Assets – making the best client experience
  3. Access – maximizing your spot sale
  4. Attribution – knowing the buyers’ value
  5. Automation – ordering tasks while growing performance

How will these opinions help?

Businesses can complete themselves well. Thus, they can use a successful digital change.

So, how did Google used this structure? We will learn about that by offering their line of technologies.

Digital Transformation Google Technologies

Google Duplex

Duplex is Google’s AI voice interface. This technology shocked many people.

During the IO 2018 of Google, Duplex called a hair salon. It also booked an appointment. All done by a tool.

Think of how many reacted to that smart interface! This new technology can help many companies. Such as medical and healthcare.

With that, nurses and patients can get real-time data. Experts can also give exact charges. No need to search through data rows!

Google Hub

Google also created a UI that goes well with AI. An intelligent design-system helps give less-clutter.

Moreover, Google Hub helps people with everyday jobs. It shows you how to begin your day at 6:45 a.m.

It also suggests to you what dress to wear. By looking at the weather.

Besides, it helps you plan your project. By looking at the traffic or your commute way.

Google Assistant

On the other hand, Google Assistant is prepared to make conclusions. These ideas are based on your role or position.

So, if you need something, Google will learn that for you.

Google Lens

Google also made another point. They used the Google lens that reads photos.

For example, you want to get the place on a menu. Or maybe you want more info about a result. You can just use your Lens to scan it.

Moreover, it is very important in e-commerce. It can also help in safety results. Thus, companies can spot workplace problems.

Hence, they can be more helpful. Also, they can save money from accounts or mistakes.

Photographic Bracketing

You may think that photographic bracketing won’t help businesses. But let’s remove this technology.

Bracketing takes many turns around a single millisecond. It also uses many contexts.

Also, it is effective in amazing records. For example, your head moves. Or if it’s real-time, many shots are great.

Thus, if bracketing is used in UI, it is a great gift. How?

Some online file drive gives different stories. Like or the famous Dropbox.

So, these orders can be more manageable in so many areas, like:

  • editing
  • data return
  • many access
  • removing errors
  • saves time
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Themes

Digital transformation themes are crucial nowadays.  This all goes, then, to what stage the firm is heading.  We like to have a stable move on our digital transitions.

Let us take a look at the change of growing technologies.  Then, the themes for this will be explored. Also, why does it matter?

A Digital Transformation Glimpse

Digital tech merges the digital transformation themes. It helps to build a new look to a market method.

We are now using various engaging ways of living daily. It is everywhere. It lets our task be simpler, as well.

But, more things have to change in this new age. We must blend in with what is fresh in that sense. And especially with regard to who is in place.

Well, the manual step is shifted to automated by digital change.  It changes old tech into such a new one too.

So firms are spending value on shifting their ways. Still, in order to make any progress, they take hard work.

It is, however, total progress.  It’s not in one field only. Such needs are going to work well.

Why Does A Firm Use Digital Transformation Themes?

We are not just based on modern tools in the shift to digital transition. Isn’t the only factor to know is to get a various set of devices.

We want, however, to see the total story. Just not on the other part of it.

Well, themes will impact firms.  It helps the firm to focus on a wider part.

Thus, it enables them to build digital formats. Also, boost the progress of the digital change.

They must therefore rely on the quality of firms. It has to be helpful and quick.

What Themes Are These?

The Fast Way

Well, this method is widely done by firms. These have short loops of growth.

It is interactive, as well. It promotes transitions.

Therefore, it inspires firms to point to technology. Also, it is effective in the needs and input of users.

RPA or Robotic Process Automation

Even so, such tasks are usual. They do so again and again.

Thus, automation may allow the firm to be helpful. Since it is in a system, it will do the job entirely.

While, on some other hand of the job, labor workers may be helpful. Using a team will assist.

In addition, it stops the hiring strategy from being projected. Plus, people could do a new task now.

Improve Data-based Systems

Well, improving data systems will lead to RPA growth. It will assist with areas of direct data stability.

But, for data handling, there’s no ideal market. A steady process is needed for the data.

Building Digital Transition Growth Skills

True, as tech evolves such changes keep evolving.

Any firm may seek a service vendor from an outside party. Yet, inside the firm, others use skills or abilities. In order to uplift their staff, they still do training and workshops.

Therefore, it can do all of these. The aim is for digital changes to gain the target result.

Furthermore, it is helpful to seek experts. To lead firms they will offer insights.

Such as WalkMe. As a digital adoption platform.

With digital adoption, WalkMe will assist you to succeed. Visit their website for more details.

Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation Connect

What does digital transformation connect mean?

If you have officers, you learn that there is going to be an orderly way of doing stuff. It is going to have a huge impact on the whole firm.

That is the same thing as the digital change. Yet, a lot of the time, they don’t have praise. They have to know as well.

But we will hear of a program that they are joining in this post. This will allow them to know about this site.

Moreover, they can help the people in their care with this detail. It can add to a more skilled way of dealing with stuff.

All About Digital Transformation Connect

It’s an activity for pioneers in digital change at senior positions. If it comes to creating more on their success, it will benefit them.

Also, they will learn more ideas on how to excel in the sector. In this way, they will have an overview of what field they can work on.

Offer Solutions

They will discuss concerns in the area that you can face. As well as Around the same time, they show ideas as to how they must be fixed.

In relation to that, they can assist you to find possible future business issues.

It also offers extra innovation tips and further progress. To boost what you’re now doing.

It’s also a means of creating methods that can run as per the technologies. More on the new trends will also be noted.

As an effect, it will enhance the skills required.

Friend on Friend

If leaders meet, they make each other strong. So, joining such an event is not just about knowing the lecture that is set.

Also, you do have the opportunity to hear about other officials in other firms.

You will make a relationship and connections in this sense. As well as, you would be able to gain from them. You may also add these items to the firm.

They’re from various sectors. And yet on the same point as the digital change.

And you will be mindful of what people do by learning all about their sectors.

You’re going to be able to raise each other up.

Experience With Premium

It’s not about training here. You will be likely to feel more rest as well.

To be in the corporate sector for sure, will build tension at the point. So, it would allow you to be able to restart with this kind of rest.

You will radiate the strength you were able to learn in the program if you go back to your firm.

As an effect, you’ll have a lively firm that will impact the staff. You would be able to attain a calm mind as well.

It’s since you had a bit of a rest then enjoy that program.


No doubt that dealing with digital change is a full formula for leaders.

They will be in a role to know more. They’ll even meet pioneers who’ll raise them up.

Moreover, you could also check the help of WalkMe. Especially if it comes to digital adoption.

You may visit their site at

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Digital Transformation Capabilities: McKinsey

We will learn about the following digital transformation capabilities you need to acquire. It is based on the company McKinsey’s digital transformation.

Introduction About Digital Transformation Capabilities

Digital transformation is a long process or a journey of reimaging your company. So here are the capabilities in digital transformation that you need.

It is a sustainable strategy for sourcing with the right partner and products. Your digital capabilities are essential to have a successful journey.

This one will be used and beneficial for the long-term. 

Digital Transformation Capabilities: Sourcing For Various Types

So with our fast-moving digital, to find the right tools and talent is hard. Learn why.

We will see the difference between traditional and digital sourcing.

In traditional sourcing, the focus is the cost. But in digital sourcing, the focus is talent.

In traditional, the project scope and development are fixed. But in the digital, project scope and development are changing.

In traditional, IT roles are silos and the solutions are autonomous. But in the digital, IT roles are integrated and solutions are shared.

In traditional, large systems are integrators that control your company. But in the digital, small niche players controls the fragmented market.

In traditional, companies are pursuing to have a long-term contract also with hard service-level agreements. But in the digital, companies are push only in short-term contracts also with flexible fitting mechanisms.

From Traditional To Digital Changes

  • Talents become important than the cost.

So traditionally, companies have a competitive advantage in technologies that is low cost. However, it came up that low-cost technologies are less valuable.

Having the right talent behind them is much better. That is why companies should invest more in talent than cheap technologies.

  • Projects are fast-moving or changing from time to time.

Companies in traditional have intended to adopt the approach of having the skills and tools they need. 

  • Integration and accountability are more difficult than before.

One key to success in the digital transformation is a company must ensure an IT team. It should be accountable for delivering the following:

  • integrated solutions,
  • sustainability in the company,

So the transformation could meet the company’s need. Especially, when it regards the time to market and agility.

  • The supplier market is fragmented

Transformation depends so much on the use of emerging technologies and tools. With this many innovative niche players and start-ups has the opportunities.

  • New Deal mechanisms are required.

There are new terms for dealing with external providers that are not applicable anymore in digital transformation. Examples are the deals that focused on solutions ad predefined deliveries.

Also, the contracts that last for years or longer. But in the digital transformation, companies explore more and new deals of mechanisms.

Such as the following:

  • risk-sharing understandings 
  • innovative pricing schemes

These could result in a more rewarding collaboration and experimentation.


Therefore, to find your digital transformation capabilities you need to recognize a new strategy. Learn the differences of the scales.

Start with pulling new talents and tools from the market. Learn to manage the fast-moving digital transformation. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformations In Business

Digital transformations in business. What does digital transformation mean to your business? Let’s learn more in this post.

Digital Transformations In Business

It’s easy to focus on the digital part if it refers to digital transformation. Rather than the transition aspect, the systems, and procedures.

The fact that you might purchase the right tech and enhance quality quickly is appealing. Yet digital transformation, basically, is about transforming how teams are working together. It’s not what technology they use to get the job done.

While in each and every firm, digital transformation differs greatly. Some key features are shared by digital companies:


In reaching a common vision, every member of the company is highly involved. So, it means operating together to create trust at various levels of the firm and through groups. As well as promoting openness and getting workers involved.


It needs to move away from conventional structures and business frameworks. Also, inspiring workers to make choices and add ideas.


Customers want comfort from companies. That means they must be on smartphones. In which you create more than part of all web traffic.


There are affordable and flexible cloud-based resources. Letting companies select the ones which fulfill their needs. As well as simplify the cost of their IT and services.


Digital companies are exploring all the time. And also to know from the results. In order to warn the business about bigger improvements.


With such a beginning and end time, it’s not a project. Innovation will continue to change and involve changes to existing processes. So, that implies that you need to continue to learn and develop.


This means not just gathering and reviewing details about your clients. But also to measure what’s happening within your business.


Such changes are all primarily focused on delivering good service. As well as a stronger experience for your clients.

Know that none of the above are on what your firm is doing. Because it’s about how you do everything. Digital transformation businesses are not changing their companies’ key values or options. Instead, it’s about creating a culture of a linked workplace. Also, gaining digital development capabilities that will help strategic objectives.

Why Launch A Digital Transformation In Business?

We hope you will accept that this is essential and needed for digital transformation. But maybe you don’t feel it is urgent.

Perhaps sales are high, your clients are satisfied, your staff is efficient. As well as the period to start on a resource-intensive plan. That will shake things up your processes seems not to be right now.

Relatively soon, there are a couple of reasons to accept the digital future.

  • Engaged Workers

By visibility, digital companies motivate workers. As well as resources for training and good communication.

  • Improved Gains

Businesses should expect 23% sales growth. As an effect of digital methods being implemented. Like using tools to develop wise choices. As well as workforce training in new technology.

  • Larger Strength

Strength is created by a digital company. By replacing a work environment and facilities for static frameworks and inflexible procedures. It can react to and adapt to new requirements.

  • Avoiding the Trap of Competency.

Many businesses expect that their present output will continue forever. Then, until it shuts down, they end up struggling to adjust. So, shift by establishing long – term growth choices.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Culture: Steps To Create

How to make a strong digital transformation culture? What are the steps you must know in creating? Let’s discuss one by one.

Digital Transformation Culture

Leaders also assume that they should simply create the foundation for change. And their workers will comply. But a digital strategy isn’t enough in the age of digital transformations. Success is key in resolving cultural issues.

You could set the stage to create a long-lasting digital transformation culture. If completing the actions below. As well as surviving in the digital world of growth.

Steps To Create Digital Transformation Culture

You could consider the following ideas with HR as in lead. In order to create a community that accepts change and promotes creativity.

1. Reinforce HR Internal Contact

HR should also have transparent and open contact alongside benefits. Discussing not just how the firm will profit from digital transformation. Also, how, through their worker resistance, individual jobs and workflows can help workers.

Greater openness will assist resistance to quell. And this also offers a chance to seek employees’ feedback. They are the people on the “frontlines” of jobs, after all. If stress and backlogs are meet by someone, it is usually them.

So tell them how the process can be changed by your digital tools. So that they can hit their KPIs more effectively.

2. Get Your Leaders Ready

Strong leadership, also management skills are required to lead a successful digital strategy. For the work, not that all leaders are ready.

Help ensure that the leaders who will be leading those transitions are trained before jumping in. Especially for both tech aspects and the help side.

The importance of the tools which will be applied must be fully understood by leaders. Like how workers would benefit from it. Also, how it will affect their process.

They must foresee what issues staff will meet. And then develop a strategy to stop and fix them.

3. Adopt Flexibility Between Leaders And Workers

The culture was to provide a purposely flexible view of the organizational layout. Among the most vital ways of building a digital transformation. As leaders, onboarding software is able to adapt rapidly and quickly. To any problems as they happen.

In addition, jobs must be flexible. As leaders aim to create a community. That makes decision-making, creativity, and innovation easier.

4. Giving More Power To The Staff Training

Investing in employee training would be well worth your effort. in order to ensure a smooth transition into a society of digital transformation.

Workers can be much less prone to change with proper training. More eager to accept technology, as well.

So, if their digital resources are enabled to optimize. As well as being able to reach digital acceptance completely. Workers will then become more technically skilled. Also, able to embrace a digital culture that lasts for a long time.

5. Provide The Technology Support Needed

In addition to keeping a good output, you want workers to make a big shift. You would do well to give them all of the skills they need to do tech frustration skills to make it possible. It can help minimize difficulty, such as a digital transition plan. Frustration is also related to training to use tools for applications.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Team Roles

What is a digital transformation team? What are their different roles? Let’s find out everything you need to know about the digital transformation team.


While digital transformation was one tough job, in the coming years, this pays off. You may need a professional digital transformation team all along the way.

Your digital company system and processes will be defined by its members. The positive changes inside your company would also be made easier.

Your team needs to also be filled with the correct collection of abilities and behaviors. To allow the transition. We will address a digital team layout. As well as team roles in this post that you need to meet beyond strictly technical ones.

First of all, we need to consider what the digital transformation team implies.

What The Digital Transformation Team Implies?

It’s a team overseeing the adoption of disruptive technology by a corporation. A digital transformation dream team is a mix of hard and soft skills that work together. In order to enjoy the benefits of advances in technology.

CIOs note that successful teams for digital transformation possess low turnover. As well as working closely with users and embraces a broad variety of skills. The team will consist of the members below.

Digital Transformation Team Members

Digital Transformation Head

In your company, an individual in this position will direct digital strategies. He or she explains the company’s advantages in digital transformation. The capacity to look at company priorities. Instead of concentrating on IT and technology, this function is important. As well as the opportunity to find some way of promoting business strategies and recreate them.

A digital transformation head knew first-hand how and when to execute the plan. Does have great soft skills and responsibility, too. This role includes both technology and business abilities. In order to meet business objectives through the development of stable technology solutions.

Shift Leader

The task of the shift leader is to create an agreement on plans at all levels of the company. Somebody in this position needs to rely upon their ability to interact. In order to instill passion and also the feel-good of the transition.

A shifting digital transformation leader was able to promote digital resources to investors. And often to most of the business. They allow the shift to filter down into a company as a whole.

Architect of the Solution

It is a leading technology that develops a software system’s IT structure. They were mindful of integration trends vital to the industry. As well as microservices, processes, and DevOps.

Tech experts not only have an in-depth insight into new technology stacks. But they still hold their eye on the pulse of developments that are evolving.

Architect for Data

Decisions based on permissible data are required for digital transformation. That makes the investment of intelligent time and energy. Making data-driven choices is proof that a company is on the right track. Towards strengthening its strategic advantage.

For data gathering, data executives set out use incidents. Also, explain how it is possible to use analysis in a company. They can link applications of data to business outcomes.

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Benefits Of Digital Transformation

Learn the following benefits of digital transformation in your company. Also, how those matter especially when you already implement your transformation?

Introduction About Benefits Of Digital Transformation

First, before we tackle the benefits of digital transformation let us from the basic first. Know the definition of digital transformation.

Well, digital transformation comes with various definitions. But generally, digital transformation means integrating your company into technology.

Also, it comes to all areas of your company’s operations. Moreover, in other terms integrating the following:

  • information
  • mobile technologies
  • computer

These are applied to your company strategy. Also, the integration process provides an open and more agile workplace.

Also, it will bring better customer experience and develop long term relations.

Benefits Of Digital Transformation

Many companies nowadays are implementing digital transformation just because it is popular. But also, for the reason that it has many benefits. 

Primarily the benefits of the increase in computers and also mobile devices. That made companies it’s vital for a business to go digital.

Moreover, some companies can transform goods and services into a digital form. Aside from these, here are the following benefits:

  • More Upgrade Customers Services
  • Improves Your Employees
  • Enhance Your Company Digital Culture
  • Enhance Your Analysis And Data Collection
  • Empowers Digitization Of Products And Services
  • Your Company Becomes More Profitable
  • Keeping The Pace Of Competition

More Upgrade Customers Services

With advanced technology, your company will able to increase its interaction with customers. Also, technology can helps your company provide a better and more consistent result.

Fulfilling the needs of your customers. We know how important our customers are.

Their satisfaction means success on our part. 

Improves Your Employees

With the transformation, your staff or employees will able to enhance their skill sets. How? Because in transformation, they need to undergo training and seminars.

So with this, employees will able to learn new skill sets or able to enhance them. Especially, your employee’s knowledge with it comes to technology will be increased.

Enhance Your Company Digital Culture

So with the transformation, the business will able to increase productivity. Moreover, it will help your staff to adapt to the changes.

Also, digital culture creates development in your staff’s creativeness.

Enhance Your Analysis And Data Collection

Other benefits here are your data collection. You will able to do it at a fast pace. Especially using online data collection.

Also, there are more available data analytics tools. So it becomes easier to do the following:

  • monitoring
  • collecting
  • analyze customer data

The following are useful for making a decision.

Empowers Digitization Of Products And Services

Using technology in the business contributes to impacts on your customers. Especially if the result is making everything quicker than before.

Of course, as customers, we want something that less time-consuming. Time is gold.

Your Company Becomes More Profitable

So if your transformation affects your customer’s service in a good way, then expect a good result. Such as an increase in your profits. 

Moreover, good customers services mean to have a loyal customer.

Keeping The Pace Of Competition

So with the help of technology and transformation, you will able to keep catching up with the trends. Keeping your company more competitive and successful.

Digital Transformation

How To Embrace Digital Transformation

Digital transformation involves changing the company’s culture. Your business needs to embrace digital transformation to stay strong.

Digital transformation (DT) is not just installing technology to make your processes smoother. DT also involves changing the business culture. That is not an easy thing to do. Furthermore, your business might need to remove foundational practices to progress. In other words, DT is also a human transformation.

The worldwide spending for DT reached $1 trillion. Many companies recognize the urgent need for DT. As a business owner, you must also embrace digital transformation in your business. Otherwise, you risk losing to your competitors.

Steps On How To Embrace Digital Transformation

Follow these steps if you want to be a part of the digital revolution.

Understand how to take advantage of technology 

Technology is here to transform your life. Before, technology is just about making great products. However, that is not the case today anymore. Now, technology means creating solutions. These solutions completely change our behavior.

Maybe your company started to explore new technology. Try to understand how to take full advantage of it. Furthermore, you can’t simply install all technology that arises. Analyze what technology can bring the utmost benefits to your organization. Afterward, focus your goal on that technology. 

Hire digital top talent

Digitally-oriented people help companies carry out their DT successfully. Don’t settle with local talent. Thus, look for specialists. For instance, freelancers are more reachable than ever. Moreover, freelancers can work on your project even they are from the other side of the world. You may find freelancers from many platforms. Some of those platforms include:

  • TechHub
  • MeetUp
  • LinkedIn

Get digitally educated

Technology evolves faster than ever. Hence, this makes education a must. Aim for learning every day. Don’t settle on what you already know. Moreover, it is likely that your knowledge won’t be enough in a matter of months. 

There are tons of knowledge sources out there. Take advantage of those in improving your knowledge. These include:

  • E-books
  • YouTube videos
  • E-learning platforms
  • Online courses, and many more

Learning is the solution. Furthermore, there is no excuse to get more knowledge. Why? Learning is easier and cheaper than ever. Co-founder of Freddy Vega said that “learning is the way to stay on the top”.

Embrace change

Failure to embrace digital transformation results in disastrous results. Even the biggest names in the industry experienced these results. Let’s take the Canadian firm Blackberry as an example. Formerly known as Research In Motion, Blackberry was one of the leaders in the smartphone market. However, that completely changed.

In 2007, the iPhone set new standards when it released iPhone. Yet, Blackberry failed to understand the importance of those standards. It took them too long to embrace digital transformation changes like multitouch screens, apps, and a friendly smartphone made for everyone and not just for a niche.

Unfortunately, Blackberry ended up losing all of its share in the smartphone market. In 2009, they had 20% of the market share. By 2016, they had 0%.

What lesson can we learn from Blackberry’s experience? Digital transformation is not for the weak and faint-hearted. Be an early-adopter. Indeed, it might sound risky. But it is all worth it.

Digital Transformation

Benefits Of Digital Transformation In Government

Digital transformation in government became a common thing in this digital era. And the results are great for both residents and employees. Digital transformation in government allowed more efficient and transparent public service. That is all possible with lower costs.

In this article, let’s check some of those benefits. These will strengthen the desire to implement the digital transformation in government.

Promotes Transparency

One example of this is automated workflows. These workflows automatically notify constituents every time a step in a government process is completed. Furthermore, publicly searchable databases enabled government agencies to save time and money. How? 

Many countries have a Freedom of Information law. This states that every citizen has a right to government transparency. Complying with open data requests was time-consuming before. But now, everyone can view the government’s data in publicly searchable databases.

Improves Convenience

Most consumers today expect everything to be online. For instance, online shopping and online banking made consumers’ lives easier. The same applies to the public sector. Before, constituents have to take a trip to city hall to avail of a service. 

Now, digital transformation in government made on-demand access. That is access to applications and other services possible. That is all with just a mobile phone and Internet connection. Governments now more efficiently process claims and applications. This results in higher constituent satisfaction.

Unifies Departments

All departments must have the same information. Centralized documents made this possible. Hence, this eliminated misunderstandings and gaps between departments. Furthermore, this improves the decision-making of all employees across all departments. Moreover, this reduces human error and bottlenecks.

Data Accessibility 

Cloud storage made inquiries easier. This saves time for all people as employees won’t have to spend hours digging through civic archives. Moreover, caseworkers can now access and update data files from their mobile devices. Furthermore, generating reports and analysis are now possible in a matter of seconds. They are possible in a matter of clicks.

Saves Space

Countless papers take huge space. Yet, cloud-based storage greatly saves space as it requires no physical space! Various papers that need to be stored for several years can be stored in the cloud. Say goodbye to rows of filing cabinets in office basements.

Cuts Costs

Printing and mailing documents to citizens cost the government huge money. Well, that is now not the case. Digital documents eliminate the cost of printing and mailing. Furthermore, online payment removed processing costs for transactions. 

Moreover, the government also saves money. This is because digital transformation in government needs less workforce. This also reduced maintenance and security costs.

Saves Employees Time

Misplaced reports and physically updating files unnecessarily take valuable time from employees. Cloud storage eliminates that problem. Furthermore, printing notes from a meeting and physically delivering them is not a thing anymore. That happened thanks to digital workflows.

Furthermore, property inspectors view and update the property’s file in real-time. That is possible with just a mobile device. Data entry is no longer needed. Furthermore, employees across all departments gain access to the updated data immediately.