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How to Learn Robotic Process Automation

This article will discuss how to learn robotic process automation.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a type of Artificial Intelligence. It can streamline business tasks. There are often several steps that you need to complete. And human workers may take up to three or four hours to finish the process. 

There are many tutorials available online for people who are interested in learning this type of technology.

Why Use Robotic Process Automation?

With the rate of technological advances today, businesses may not seem to keep up with everything. This is why companies need to use robotic process automation because it can save them time and money. 

For example, if a business is working on a process that may take up to four hours for a human worker to complete, robotic process automation can finish the task in less than one hour. 

This is possible because the technology can look at all the steps in the process. It can also analyze which actions can turn into automation. It then moves on to those steps and repeats them until it comes back to the first step.

How Robotic Process Automation Works

You need to take several steps when learning robotic process automation. 

First, workers need to create and publish workflows from within their accounts. Then they need to create tasks for each step of the workflow. 

The next step involves using AI techniques such as machine learning or deep learning. These, in turn, automate the tasks that have been created. 

Workers can then publish their workflows or tasks into their organization’s robots. Usually, these are virtual machines that perform specific tasks on behalf of workers. 

But, workers need to remember that humans are always involved in performing any robotic process automation task. Even though the human does not interact with every step of the process until it reaches its final destination.

Why Should You Learn Robotic Process Automation?

There are several reasons why you should learn how to use robotic process automation in your organization. 

1. Do More in Lesser Time

First, robotic process automation allows your employees and workforce members to complete more processes while spending less time completing them. For one thing, they don’t have to do every step manually on their computers or phones. 

2. Increase Employee Productivity

Another reason you should learn robotic process automation is that it allows you and your employees to increase productivity. Not to mention while reducing costs at the same time. Which also makes your business more profitable overall. 

3. Better Regulatory Compliance

Finally, this form of technology can help your business comply with regulations better when compared to manual methods by requiring fewer people and fewer man-hours per task completion than manual.


Robotic process automation is a type of artificial intelligence that can streamline processes in a business. Small businesses can also benefit from robotic process automation. For instance, it can help them save time and money. That is, without compromising the quality and efficiency of work. Not to mention, it can also help them to be more profitable.

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Lego Digital Transformation: What Can You Learn

Lego Digital Transformation is a fantastic example of saving business through transformation.

They would have gone bust if they had not accepted the need for technologies.

They were well clear that they required to make adjustments. How did they achieve transformational success? Continue reading to find out.

Lego Digital Transformation

Lego is unquestionably one of the most well-known toy companies in the world. But, Lego, like any other business, had hurdles. And it was so terrible that they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

In 2003, Lego lost 30% of its sales. It had expanded by 10% a year later. This corresponds to more than $300,000 a day.

They would almost surely fail if they do not take measures. They, fortunately, adopted technology change. As a result, it resolved issues in their supply network.

What exactly are the four stages of the Lego digital transformation project? What can we learn from their example, too?

Let us take a look.

Lego Digital Transformation: The Four Phases

We will consider the following phases of Lego’s DX:

  1. Embrace change.
  2. Examine the data.
  3. Work with other companies.
  4. Innovate the target market.

Embrace change.

Accept that something has to be done first. And only if you are willing to take chances can you enjoy it.

Of course, all strategies include the level of risk. Lego, on the other hand, was not hesitant to take them. As a result, they were able to adjust quickly.

The toy company also noted their issues. As a result, they could objectively assess which areas needed change.

They were able to react swiftly because they quickly accepted the need for change.

Examine the data.

The core of digital transformation is data. It allows company executives to discover the current customer demands and others.

As a result, they can make wise and better judgments based on their findings. Lego analyzed data after determining their problems.

They then realized that they needed to fix their supply networks. Lego found that they were not losing customers because video games have become more popular.

They now know which items are ineffective thanks to data analytics.

Work with other companies.

Some believe that we always have to compete with our competitors. The thing is, working with them is not always bad. And Lego proved that.

Lego worked with their competitors. As a result, they gained the same consumers as their partners.

For instance, they collaborated with other toymakers and action figures, like Star Wars and Batman. 

Innovate the target market.

As toymakers, Lego’s target audience is kids. And Lego has to think of new strategies that allow them to reach more children.

So, they launched a movie franchise. And that’s thanks to their analysis of the data that children love movies, too.

By doing so, they were able to innovate the market and reach more audiences.

Lego was also unafraid to adopt new technologies. For instance, they used 3D printers, robotics, and sensors.

These advanced technologies allow the company to offer more services. They also benefitted from them because their processes are now streamlined and cost-effective.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Objectives for Beginners

Beginning your digital transformation journey starts with making objectives. Improving your business processes is always a good idea, but where should you start? 

For many years, organizations have been able to enhance old ways of working. One factor is how technology improves over time. 

The game-changer, though, is the power of the internet. Together with its capability to create change, it gave birth to what is known as digital transformation. 

Read on to learn more. 

What is digital transformation? 

Digital transformation means a lot of things. One of those is the use of digital tools. As a result, it changes how an organization operates for the better. 

Whatever the meaning, it needs efforts and strategies. More so, you can’t transform if you don’t know which areas need improvement. 

Digital transformation objectives example

Here are some of the main objectives of digital transformation. 

To improve service

One of the cornerstones of a transformation is to improve service. Change is inevitable. And if it is necessary to change something, it should always be for the betterment of everybody. 

Any internal changes in a company should not only affect those inside it. External factors like customers should also enjoy improvements. 

For example, businesses improve customer service. So they can attend to the needs better and faster. As a result, we can have more revenue and can retain customers longer.

To increase internal collaboration

They say change starts from within. And that is also true in digital transformation. 

For one thing, a transformation can touch the whole enterprise. One of the reasons why companies transformed is to increase collaboration between employees. 

Typical examples include improving document management or better communication and within teams. 

Now that we are in the new normal, we need technology more than ever. Because employees work from home, they need new and digital ways to communicate. 

Social distancing protocols limit physical interaction between employees. Now that they can’t meet in person, technology should be there to fill in those needs.

To optimize processes

Perhaps one of the primary reasons why businesses transform is to optimize how things work. Every business operates through processes that repeat by themselves. 

Industries related to manufacturing or marketing need these transformations more. Needless to say, digital transformation refunds those processes. 

For example, robotic process automation improves manufacturers. They can make things easier and faster. 

Efficiency is a natural result of better processes. Using modern technology, workflows can become slicker. 

And it can also affect employees. For instance, employees spend less time on repetitive tasks because robots are there to do it for them. 

And the time that they saved can be used to focus on ideas and better innovations. This can result in bringing more value to the company.

To reduce costs

No business hates cost reduction. Because of the crisis the whole world is in now, many of them look for ways to save money. But quality should not be compromised. 

For years, businesses use mechanical processes. And it actually costs more, which affects a business’ survival in failure. 

Today, powerful artificial intelligence can perform menial tasks. So, they can reduce manpower that costs more money in the long run. 

Time is indeed gold. And businesses can save time, they can save money too.

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What Does Digital Adoption Mean In The 21st Century?

In this post, discover what does digital adoption mean for the 21st century.

21st Century Challenges & Promises

How well is your business adapting to the new normal? Or shall we say, to the new digital norm of today’s business landscape?

Reality check, how are businesses coping?

We can learn further from a report by The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) initiative. This is in line with the Poole College of Management at the North Carolina State University’s study in 2019.

The report asked respondents who belong to the c-suite level of organizations.

What is their common answer?

According to them, they think that the top risk that they are considering for the next year is the struggle of keeping up with digital transformation. Moreover, they find it a hard time to keep up with their competitors who are already getting ahead of them in DX. Thus, they are having the feeling of being lagged behind.

Moreover, another report about DX initiative statistics was conducted by the Harvard Business Review.

In a $1.3 trillion investment of digital adoption solutions, up to $900 billion of it is wasted. Thus spent without the return of investment (ROI).

How can you avoid this waste of investments?

One way is by gaining a good understanding of digital adoption, first. By doing so, you can better create strategies that can help you reach the goal of a fulfilled state of DX.

So, in this post, discover the following points:

  • What is digital adoption?
  • What are the challenges that come with it? 

Understanding What Does Digital Adoption Mean

Digital adoption refers to the complete state of employees’ capacity to make use of the newly employed digital tools to their full capacity.

The following are some examples of these new digital tools:

  • any website
  • applications
  • new programs
  • software

Why is it important for employees to reach the state of digital adoption?

This brings us back to the main core of change: to succeed in digitally transforming an organization. 

The promising claims of DX include, for instance:

  • Better market competency
  • Better solutions and services
  • Improves customer relations
  • Boosts employee productivity
  • Increase in revenues

So how can all of these promising claims be reached? 

Through digital adoption.

Yes, simply implementing initiatives like new tools and technology is not enough. To succeed, the manager should also foremost ensure that employees are together on board. By doing so, new digital tools are better used in their optimum capacity as possible.


Well, just like any business investment, DX comes with its own roadblocks. These roadblocks when left unaddressed, can leave organizations paralyzed in keeping with the pace.

So what are the common roadblocks towards fulfilling digital adoption?

We will be considering two. Thus, knowing this can help you avoid falling into the same pitfall again.

1. Lacks Enough Technology

For some, they do not have enough resources to proceed through digital adoption. On the other hand, some may be spending for digital adoption. But they are perhaps not spending enough on it.

2. Too Much Digital Tools

For others, they implement too many digital tools that employees experience app fatigue. Thus, not achieving the best optimum state of each tool.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Infrastructure

Digital transformation infrastructure acts as a key part of doing the run. In fact, it is the purpose of digital transformation or Dx.

Why is that the fact? Let us dig deeper into this research.

Digital Transformation Infrastructure

Nowadays, new technologies can improve every part of the market because of digital transformation. As a result of doing the journey, they can grow more productive. And of course, more helpful.

Also, the increase of new apps can digitize a lot of ways. Thus, give workers more time to do the more difficult tasks and be more fruitful.

Then, Dx can also let companies automate and better their worth of data.

But they can only open these perks fit to support. As said, it is the backbone of Dx and is the home block that lets firms enjoy Dx.

What are its roles, then?

Roles of Infrastructure

Network Change

Today, it is important for firms to do a network change to get a combined workforce. Also, physical pieces of a network can now be then developed into the software.

One example is routers and switches. Firms can now turn these into a Software-Define Networking or SDN. Thus, making for a faster rollout of new services.

Further, side computing can improve processing by:

  • being closer to the data set
  • reducing latency for apps like AR, VR, and AI
  • filtering network change
  • aiding IoT

Cloud Migration

One of the most basic steps of doing digital transformation is the option of the cloud. Do you agree?

If firms do not move to some sort of film, are they even doing Dx? That is how great the value of the cloud plays in Dx.

Why so? Because the cloud can let businesses be more flexible. And give them an on-demand way to what they need for apps.

Thus, making it better than big servers that are hard to develop without using a lot. Meaning, it is less powerful.

But the cloud, in reverse, is working. Businesses can add or decrease their space during working or off days. Thus, saving a lot on the IT funds.

Further, cloud merchants are also making new ways and are doing security updates. Meaning, it reduces the need for firms to do support.


The start of Dx means more devices are getting united to a system. Thus, the number of potential violations is getting higher and higher.

Also, the more data set there is, the more possible wrong can happen. Thus, the role of strength is now becoming more important for new firms.

Meaning, the way they address security now needs to be different. This is due to a force network being harder to maintain after Dx.

So, security needs to have three main points. It should be:

  • mechanical
  • united into systems
  • built-in to any apps

With this kind of protection, firms can make sure their data are secure. Of course, with the help of the right protection expert.

To Conclude

Digital transformation cannot control high without the proper help. As we can see, it plays a lot of big roles in the success of the purpose.

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Digital Transformation Deloitte: How To Execute Lasting Transformations?

Digital Transformation Deloitte shares their insights in developing lasting transformation. According to Deloitte, TNCs or Transformation Nerve Centers play an essential role in a successful DX initiative.

What Is a Transformation Nerve Center?

A TNC or Transformation Nerve Center acts as the core support of digital transformation. A TNC may be similar to a transformation management office. But it is more comprehensive in nature.

TNCs are high-performing offices that consist of executors (operators) and tacticians (strategists). These serve as TNCs that should take full control of the whole transformation.

What Does It Take To Have A Real Transformation?

Many digital transformation initiatives are now initiated. But often, these initiatives are driven by traditional project management offices. 

For example, they usually do tracking, reporting, risk control, and communications. The process is limited to these.

But, are these truly enough?

A real digital transformation takes more than that. Of course, the traditional processes should not be missed. But it should include more processes than just the traditional practices mentioned. 

DX lasts when the initiative takes the innate complexity of DX. For instance, this can include the DX ambition, scope and planning, and budget or finances concerns. Not to mention the active management of multiple work streams and stakeholders.

These complex processes and practices are what the TNCs are capable of. As nerve centers, they proactively commit to more than just the sheer transformation practices. But they empower DX from its very core, and these include even its complexities.

Digital Transformation Deloitte: What A TNC Is Capable Of

A transformation nerve center should consist of dedicated talents and skills. Because they shall be the center of the transformation architecture. In addition, they will also manage the multiple threads of duties. Most importantly, a TNC should be adept at tracking progress against goals.

For instance, consider the three important pillars of TNC.


  • It leads the internal communications
  • Designs the overall workstream
  • Also defines the scope of each workstream
  • It supports third-party communications
  • Onboards new executives and team members



  • It maintains the network of internal DX ambassadors
  • Also provides regular updates to the board
  • Sets the metrics of success and actively tracks
  • It also keeps track of the DX budget

As you can see, a TNC surely plays a big role in the success of a digital transformation initiative.

3 Major Components of an End-to-end Digital Industrial Transformation

Furthermore, a TNC should be aware of the 3 major components of DX. These components should equip an end-to-end approach of DX.

  • Enterprise-wide- DX should affect talents and underlying technology. So it touches more than operations. But it impacts the overall culture of an industry.
  • Business or enterprise model impact- since it should change your business culture, it should make changes in your operating model. In your methods of working and gaining profit.
  • CXO-Driven- the board and executives should foremost be on board for transformation
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IBM Digital Transformation: Why Digital Transformation Is Growing

The IBM Digital Transformation shares how digital transformation transforms society in different aspects.

The Rapid Growth Of Digital Transformation In You & The Society

Can you spot digital transformation around you?

How about among individuals? How about you? Do you take part in digital transformation?

DX In Individuals

Can you sense that today’s world is inculcating the digital mindset in society?

For instance, social networking sites are now used more than ever. Where do you turn to when you are of interest in something? Don’t you google first and compare prices? How about seeing product reviews and unboxing? Also, how about locating the nearest shop and retail?

Aren’t you employing the digital transformation trend?

In addition, digital devices are now common. These matters of technology are no longer considered a could-have, but a must-have.

DX In The Society

Furthermore, essential units of society are in the surge of using digital devices to adapt to the community’s trend. Businesses, government offices, and civil society, for instance. 

How do they benefit from digital transformation?

Consider this. Modern businesses today are now undertaking digital transformation initiatives. For example, they are now rethinking and redesigning the customer experience. Perhaps in getting to know more of their customers ’ changing behavior through analytics and insights. They were also able to create better products that enable better competency.

Certainly, society is benefiting much from digital transformation. However, the competition remains high and in the surge. Thus it is a challenge for them to expedite initiatives and enhance scalability in taking DX.

IBM Digital Transformation In The Digital Age

Industries today have a similar dilemma. 

All are concerned about effectively managing and meeting customer expectations. As a result, this causes high pressure in the way companies develop and apply strategies.

Furthermore, this also creates an increase in costs and complexity. 

IBM agrees with this. For example, in 2010, IBM conducts a Global CEO Study. In that study, they have found that CEOs admit their biggest challenge. Which is the complexity issue.

However, that same study answers the antidote of the issue. Because it was clear how technology can drive complexity. Technology can mitigate complexity. As a result, technology is only second to market factors in driving change.

Although it is true that technology has long been used in driving change. This way of advancement is not new. Perhaps in boosting workplace efficiency and productivity.

But, in today’s case, the market’s demands are also changing. For example, as mentioned above, everyone is wired into technology in whatever life aspect they commit. 

People today use technology to find suitable jobs, restaurants, lost friends, and dating opportunities. Yes, everyone makes use of the internet to meet personal needs. Shopping, communications, and household management, for instance.

Because of these factors, customers’ demands are changing.

“This Is Why You Need Strategy”

In response to change, you cannot simply employ whatever technology available. 

IBM reports those who successfully dealt with changes. For instance, leading companies always start DX with a cohesive strategy. This strategy aims to meet the digital and physical elements of a business. In addition, this aids successful transformation. Thus, enables a thorough industrial culture change.

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Digital Transformation Workshop: How Can You Do It Online?

How can you develop an effective digital transformation workshop? Consider the following guide in making it more engaging and effective online

Why Should You Develop A Digital Transformation Workshop?

Today’s trend shows how digital transformation is taking the world scene. Most especially in the wake of the pandemic, DX proves to be a bridge of socially apart relationships. It can influence business, educational, or personal life aspects.

If you are part of an entity, you surely have seen how DX works. But of course, for a successful DX initiative, everyone should be on board.

But, how?

The pandemic seemingly puts barriers between people. But through digital technologies, we can transcend even the farthest barrier.

So even though employees are now sent remotely, you can still get them on board for DX. 


Why not conduct an online digital transformation workshop? Of course, every company may have different needs. But you consider having a workshop, at least.

A digital transformation workshop should help everyone in a company get on-board with DX. For example, it can help them understand how DX works. Through this, they can also understand how they can play their part. This can further help them adapt to the culture shift.

How To Effectively Prepare An Online Digital Transformation Workshop?

Here, we will list the procedures of developing a digital transformation workshop.

The preparation phase should answer the major purpose of a workshop. For instance, it should answer the following:

  • What are your end goals?
  • What are the key points you want to emphasize?
  • How should you employ these even remotely?

The answers to these questions should help you shape the entire workshop session. For instance in structuring the learning environment. Also in gauging the metrics of success.

A Tip!

Why not gather ideas from the stakeholders? You can conduct a pre-workshop, for instance. Because these key people can provide valuable ideas that can help you shape the entire course.

Here are four steps you can consider in preparing your online DX workshop.

1. Develop the workshop agenda

Make sure to have a strong structured agenda. You can base it on what the stakeholders agree with. 

2. Prepare basic attention span holders

Keeping attention is one of the biggest challenges in handling remote sessions. 

So you can use prerequisites like reading materials and videos. Something that can help your attendees prepare their hearts for the class.

3. Select a co-facilitator

A co-facilitator can help in a number of ways. 

For example, they can handle the technical aspects of the workshop. Answering questions and comments in the chatbox, or breakout rooms management, for instance. 

This can further allow a smooth flow of an online session.

4. Set the tone

Also, make sure to have breaks. You should not finish the overall agenda in a day. Perhaps you can divide it into different sessions. 

In addition, within the day, set breaks between sessions. This can help set your attendees for the right mood and focus. For instance, you can range a session from 40 to 60 minutes.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Agenda

What is a digital transformation agenda?

When we have a record of the things we must do, we can achieve everything. 

That is in the same way with digital change. When we know what we must do into a file, we can do all of them.

So, we will explain that today. In this article, we will know more about the digital transformation agenda. 

Through this, it will help you to have great bonuses when you try and see its effectiveness. 

At the same time, your company will grow. Knowing that it will have a regular end now.

Digital Transformation Agenda

This is a gate through many job chances. Also, that case is true with those who want to go. 

As a result, it will help with concerns to increasing your business. 

The more you know the list, the more it becomes useful to you. It will get the strength to your market at the same time. 

Computer Data Insights

When you know how to plan for the help of technology, it will make you fruitful. Why?

This is for the reason of having more things you can achieve. 

The things that you need to do clearly before changed now. You can do these jobs already all at once. 

At the same time, it will help you to know the new updates. That is because it is related to the internet. 

You will be bright. So, it will help you to keep in the step of what is important during this time.

Great Customer Experience

The digital transformation program also has the agenda of giving the best service for clients. 

That is through increasing the effectiveness of ideas for them. At the same time, it will prove to them their safety.

When they feel that they are safe in the business, you will have a greater bet. That is a chance to grow by having more clients spend in your company. 

At the same time, it will be more open to changes. Since clients have many voices to speak now. 

As a result, it will help you to know what is beautiful to the market at the moment.

Global Scale At Greater Ease

This is one of the main ideas why there is digital transformation. 

It is a way you will get it easy to do business. 

If you are a buyer, you will have a simple way you can purchase. That is because not everyone knows about technology. So every time group must be held.

WalkMe does the same. They publish articles that will help the firm to have the easiest ways of explaining things. 

So that it will help everyone. WalkMe updates us with regards to the newest updates about the digital transformation program. 

To Conclude

This is why it is vital to have the right agenda. 

Aside from knowing what you need to do, it will also help you in another way. 

That is by giving you the rest of your sales and shopping. As a result, you will your experience and energy through it.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Research

How do you do digital transformation research?

This plan is popular. It is very true during this time of the pandemic. 

Everyone is using the internet now in everything. When it comes to ideas, a lot of people are working on this. 

But when it comes to selling, this is also true. Now, people take to go to the internet and buy.

It is safe to stay at home. That is the reason why digital transformation plays a big role in the market right now. 

In this article, we will explain the perks when it comes to this plan. Also, we will know how to research if you are used to this. 

So, let us first study the benefits of studying this business. 

Benefits of Digital Transformation

First of all, it is a reward because everyone will have the chance to know your result. The difference in the real store is that it will be faster to be public. 

On the technical side, it will be a bonus because you can do things all at once. Take for example the way of getting the form. You will lead it. 

After that, you will have the process of cargo. The payment process will also be quicker. 

Now that we analyzed the use, you may have a benefit in knowing more.

So, let us remain with what can help you with your research. 

Digital Transformation Research

The very first thing that you can think of is the kind of market you want to make. 

If you now have an exact stock in mind, then you can move to the planning already. After that, you can plan on the business you may want to set-up with. 

Take social media for example. Do you use Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube? Once you sell it when in a way that could bring the buyers, a lot of people will get it.

If you are searching for details aside from social media. You can also study e-commerce lists. 

Take for example Amazon and Shopify. 

Now that all is set, you may center on the whole way already. After reading all the appealing ads, you may start the business already. 

Even though you do it online, you will also need fit operators to help you with your market.

So, it is important to know what to take to have a strong team. 

Having all these points will help you to not only know digital change. Also, it will help you to be strong in the program. 

To Conclude

The digital transformation business is starting now.

So, you may have a business but do not what to start. 

So, doing research and become common with it can be a great help. 

When you know it, it will also be easy for you. First, knowing the brand you are designing to sell.

The next step is knowing where you want to create your business. Anything that you know will go will do.

Also, help is still important. So hiring fit ones can have a big benefit in your business.