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Lego Digital Transformation: What Can You Learn

Lego Digital Transformation is a fantastic example of saving business through transformation.

They would have gone bust if they had not accepted the need for technologies.

They were well clear that they required to make adjustments. How did they achieve transformational success? Continue reading to find out.

Lego Digital Transformation

Lego is unquestionably one of the most well-known toy companies in the world. But, Lego, like any other business, had hurdles. And it was so terrible that they were on the verge of bankruptcy.

In 2003, Lego lost 30% of its sales. It had expanded by 10% a year later. This corresponds to more than $300,000 a day.

They would almost surely fail if they do not take measures. They, fortunately, adopted technology change. As a result, it resolved issues in their supply network.

What exactly are the four stages of the Lego digital transformation project? What can we learn from their example, too?

Let us take a look.

Lego Digital Transformation: The Four Phases

We will consider the following phases of Lego’s DX:

  1. Embrace change.
  2. Examine the data.
  3. Work with other companies.
  4. Innovate the target market.

Embrace change.

Accept that something has to be done first. And only if you are willing to take chances can you enjoy it.

Of course, all strategies include the level of risk. Lego, on the other hand, was not hesitant to take them. As a result, they were able to adjust quickly.

The toy company also noted their issues. As a result, they could objectively assess which areas needed change.

They were able to react swiftly because they quickly accepted the need for change.

Examine the data.

The core of digital transformation is data. It allows company executives to discover the current customer demands and others.

As a result, they can make wise and better judgments based on their findings. Lego analyzed data after determining their problems.

They then realized that they needed to fix their supply networks. Lego found that they were not losing customers because video games have become more popular.

They now know which items are ineffective thanks to data analytics.

Work with other companies.

Some believe that we always have to compete with our competitors. The thing is, working with them is not always bad. And Lego proved that.

Lego worked with their competitors. As a result, they gained the same consumers as their partners.

For instance, they collaborated with other toymakers and action figures, like Star Wars and Batman. 

Innovate the target market.

As toymakers, Lego’s target audience is kids. And Lego has to think of new strategies that allow them to reach more children.

So, they launched a movie franchise. And that’s thanks to their analysis of the data that children love movies, too.

By doing so, they were able to innovate the market and reach more audiences.

Lego was also unafraid to adopt new technologies. For instance, they used 3D printers, robotics, and sensors.

These advanced technologies allow the company to offer more services. They also benefitted from them because their processes are now streamlined and cost-effective.

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

How A Digital Transformation Agency Can Help Your Biz

Digital transformation (DT) is a complex process. Partnering with a digital transformation agency is a great way to increase your chances of success.

The International Data Corporation or IDC predicts that the worldwide investment in DT initiatives will reach $2.3B by 2023. That is equivalent to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.1%, or 53% of technology spending.

This study shows that companies acknowledge the need for DT and you should, too. However, digital transformation is no joke. Yet, a digital transformation agency helps companies succeed in DT.

What Is A Digital Transformation Agency?

A great DT process aims to improve customers’ experience by incorporating digital technology. Hence, a digital transformation agency is a firm that helps companies achieve that goal.

There is just a lot of stake in implementing a DT strategy. You’ll need to adjust your existing business processes no matter how long they have been with your company. Moreover, your DT strategy must address the gap between what you offer and your customers’ expectations.

The leaders of a company are the ones mainly responsible for creating and implementing a DT strategy. Furthermore, it must solve the concrete problem a company faces. 

Thus, DT doesn’t simply mean installing technologies or digitizing processes. Rather, it means the integration of technology into all aspects of an organization. As result, it increases the efficiency of the workforce.

By now you’ve probably realized how serious developing a DT strategy is. Many companies work with experienced specialists to ensure that everything goes well with the process.

Furthermore, these experts deeply understand that a successful DT doesn’t stop with installing new technology. Also, they understand that DT doesn’t solely mean getting rid of legacy technology. Thus, you’ll find these experts in a digital transformation agency.

Best Digital Transformation Agencies

Not all agencies are made equal. Furthermore, not all agencies would be the best fit for your business’s specific needs. Thus, it is crucial that you pick the right digital transformation agency to guide your company.
Listed below are a few of the best digital transformation agencies.


Kapid Nanda founded this firm. Infogain is well-renowned in its excellence in creating technology solutions specializing in improving customer engagement. Furthermore, the company worked with big names such as Google, Oracle, and Amazon. 

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company offers counsel on multiple areas of business development. They help enterprises accelerate their operations. One of those multiple areas is digital transformation.

The company’s unique approach DT has helped many influential businesses worldwide. That is to succeed with their DT initiatives and increase their product sales. Kevin Sneader is the global managing partner and CEO of McKinsey & Company.


Process automation, cloud enablement, core modernization – those are just some of the innovative technology-based solutions Cognizant specializes in.

Cognizant is a US-based digital transformation agency led by CEO Brian Humphries.

Moreover, some of the big names Cognizant worked with are Adobe, Amazon, and CISCO.


Accenture’s personalized methodology helps companies achieve DT success. This firm led by CEO Julie Sweet caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. Furthermore, they base their innovative solutions on analysis of the problems a business faces. 

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Who are the safest digital transformation consulting services these days? And how do they help their buyers get in their charge?

Doing a digital transformation or Dx can be difficult to do the first time. Firms may feel like they are taking a big load by doing it alone.

So, to aid in this, there is now the start of many Dx consulting services. These groups try to help other companies in their digital shift.

Big or small, lots of companies today can make use of these sets. It can help them in making the right plan for their purpose and take the right steps.

So, who are these best Dx firms? Let us dig deeper into this research.

Managing Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Acquis Consulting Group

Acquis is a leader when it comes to digital transformation. They help clients in using digital techs that better their buyer connection.

Also, to help their buyers to better their jobs, they combine these goals:

  • tech education
  • important decision-making
  • union expertise
  • control consulting services

Thus, the accent having both new techs and the best jobs. To help their buyers to manage their buyers better.


Concentre is a boutique tech and control consulting firm. They center on making use of both:

  • control consulting experience
  • technology

And they try to help get big results for lots of world-class consumers. From many Fortune 500 firms to lots of mid-market firms.

Also, they own a lot of able workers that help SMEs make the best jobs. Then, solve their buyers’ hardest work and tech problems.


Asentech is already in the Dx field for over ten years. They converge on helping HCPs and cases to build more trustworthy results.

Then, the services they give are:

  • social media study
  • analytics enablement
  • omnichannel analytics
  • campaign planning
  • making enterprise apps
  • AR/VR
  • voice apps

Also, as one of the best Dx groups, they have gone with lots of Fortune 100 firms.


TTC is a business that focuses on helping many of the works in their Dx. They try to help them have a new list over their competitors. By making class software at order.

So, they make use of both software devices and techs with the best expertise. They are very good at sets like:

  • Rapid Testing
  • DevOps Testing
  • DevOps Dojo
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Software Testing

Also, TTC has one very nice position. It is called TTC Academy. This is their training crowd that helps groups to upskill their operators.

Thus, making their Dx having a very high chance of victory due to control workers. This is important, but many firms do not think about it.

To Conclude

So, these are four of the best digital transformation consulting services. But there is much more out there.

Today, these businesses are now ready in helping big or small businesses. Because lots are now seeing that doing Dx is important for survival.

But not all can do the visit alone. Thus, these firms are now one of the key members for Dx to fly high.

Which company do you think is also starting in the field?

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Corporate Digital Transformation

What is corporate digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a buzzword that has become more popular in new times. Also, it can improve incomes in digital change. 

Moreover, it is simply about putting up with the latest devices. Plus, there is a wider sense that mirrors the change in connecting with the business. 

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital growth tells that irrespective of the many technological changes going over the world. And a business can still clean and get.

Additionally, digital change is the plan for using coming digital technologies to improve. Besides, it can create new marketing plans. 

Furthermore, the company adds impossible power to the system. Also, they bring multi-faceted extras to any company. 

Moreover, digital transformation changes old parts like deals in the system. It adds selling or even buyer service. 

The corporation goes to meet the increasing needs of the business. Plus, it stays growing in the work. 

Digital transformation starts and ends with only one part. As a result, it can have buyer loyalty in the business. 

How Does Digitization Affect Client Meeting?

Digital transformation is changing how businesses handle. Thus, corporate rate from old to smart uses. 

As a result, the corporate can achieve its plans. Plus, they have a chance to reinterpret how they do their tasks. 

Furthermore, more corporates are now using a step back in everything they do. They join and connect with their buyer. 

But, how can digital transformation help the corporate?

New Plans

Doing any operational method is very time-consuming. Also, it cannot work to give precious time in a redundant way. 

Thus, using digitization can grow a more soft and collaborative marketing plan. And it can grow the results of jobs. 

Grow All Works

Digitization expects swift bottlenecks in the corporate. Also, it gives for the fast work of inter-departmental data. 

As a result, it can still wordy efforts. And it can tell the overall result of the corporate.

Moreover, it helps to decrease the using acts that are linked to the group. It adds time-consuming workflows. 

Additionally, the digital change of the job stops the bottleneck data. Plus, it can increase the skill that the workflows set only. 

Furthermore, it can change the priorities in the corporate. And it can reach the goals of the business. 

Increase Forms for Growth

Digital transformation starts with strong buyer support. Also, it can boost buyer jobs and workflows in the system.

As a result, the corporate that full digitization gets it gently to grow. Plus, it can grow the way in the store.

Besides, the corporate will be ready to bring more buyers than before. And it can make sales in a retail shop. 

Let the Workforce

Changes let the workforce grow more able. Also, it can give in their day-to-day jobs. 

Moreover, thinking digital change can show to the latest technologies. Plus, it allows them to get on their action for the buyers. 

The corporate get to learn great works. As a result, it can increase their personal growth in the market.

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Digital Transformation Hub

A digital transformation hub is a point to make digital transformation in an area. So, these areas are growing in many countries in Africa.

Africa has a very long way to go in its digital change. But more and more firms and authorities are seeing its use today.

Thus, these digital hubs built in different towns are a very big help.

Also, all these hubs have one simple way, connect both the public and private fields.

So, what and where in Africa are the digital transformation hub? Let us take a look at this article. Read on to know more.

Casablanca, Morocco

In Morocco’s capital, the digital hub at Casablanca centers on the international job.

Then, this partnership plays a large part in the Kingdom’s e-Madina cluster. It is a crowd of firms that are working on making a smart city in Casablanca.

Further, the city made it likely for the growth of Casanearshore. It’s a 53-hectare market park and hosts around 80 firms. Making it Africa’s largest business place.

Then, this park made lots of plans for related services like:

  • e-administration
  • e-government
  • carpooling
  • digital services for company workers

Accra, Ghana

Google opened an artificial intelligence or AI research focus in Ghana’s city, Accra. This AI center will focus on research to help in problems with healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Also, researchers at the center have a very exciting goal. For AI to be able to know some viruses that can change results ahead of time.

But this goal is not only limited to plant diseases. Researchers are also looking into the chance of catching human diseases via AI.

Then, they also plan to do the language bar in Africa. As the region speaks up to 2,000 languages.

Machakos Country, Kenya

At Machakos Country, south of Nairobi, the Kenyan case made Konza City. This digital hub is also named the “Silicon Savannah” of Africa. 

Konza city is made on 2,000 hectares of field and now hosts many markets.

From digital giants like Google, Intel, IBM, Samsung, Nokia, and Microsoft. Then, to 250 many startups, incubators, and classes.

Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria’s city, Lagos, hosts Yabacon Valley, one of Africa’s main digital stores. Then, the valley began its doors to big tech actors like Google and Facebook.

  • Jumia. An e-commerce site and a subsidiary of Rocket Internet.
  • Jobberman. A job search website and is now partnering with Microsoft for a regional work search plan.

Cotonou, Benin

Cotonou, Benin has the advantage of being at the Atlantic shore. Because this is where their underwater cords running the global Internet are to be put.

Also, the city has the 12-hectare Benin Smart City in the acts and making it the landing point of the wires.

Then, this digital hub tries to better the country’s digital increase. And battle the stopping action.


Is it important to know different digital hubs right? Also, WalkMe enterprise drivers users to things as they use software or websites

Besides, it shows that the right people get the right guidance. And it uses any screen size and purpose.

So, what do you think of these digital hubs?

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Automotive Trends

What are the top digital transformation automotive trends? Also, how is it doing well today?

Read on to learn more about digital transformation automotive.

Digital Transformation Automotive

Like any other industry, digital transformation automotive is advancing nowadays. In fact, investments in this industry are increasing every day.

But, why is that so?

Now, people demand better products and services. So, they crave a better experience

Also, most people want everything to be digital. We can even see Wi-Fi operated coffee machines, smartwatches, and more.

Almost all of us also can’t imagine life without a network connection. So, up to 78% of companies apply DX. So, they can stay competitive with other companies.

Still, we’ve seen how it improves many companies. Research also shows that AI will improve customer service by 15% in 2021.

In that case, the automotive industry is not exempted. People also want connectivity in cars.

So, we have new trends in digital transformation automotive. What are these?

Let’s find out!

Trends of Digital Transformation Automotive

Digital connectivity

Now, connectivity is not just a luxury. Consumers demand this feature in cars.

For example, drivers want to access apps, music, and even social accounts in cars. So, companies build cars with that feature. Some of them even offer cars with Wi-Fi connections.

Internet of Things and Digital Transformation Automotive

Now, IoT is not just a thing for manufacturing companies. It is also a trend in the automotive industry. But why?

First, IoT maintains processes. So, it makes things easier and streamlined.

It also predicts other vital issues. For example, IoT devices collect data about the car.

Then, it scans for possible risks. So, it can alert the owner. 

Then, he’ll know if he needs a repair or maintenance. As a result, they can avoid accidents.

Autonomous cars

Today, some cars can drive without drivers. It’s not just a thing in the future, but it’s happening now.

But, companies should focus on ensuring safety. So, it makes the experience safe and wonderful.

Electric cars are also a trend now. And to make that possible, companies invest in:

  • connectivity
  • electrification
  • automation

Digital Car Buying Experience

Before, car showrooms have only a few cars. But now, companies use video screens to show it.

This makes the process more high-tech. Customers also love the experience of buying.

Besides, buying and choosing a car can be stressful. Buyers may find it hard to decide. Also, the salesperson needs to memorize all features before.

But now, buyers can research more online. With online showrooms available.

They can also see the features using AR technology. So, they can see more without having to go out.

Secured and Protected Data

Now, automotive companies also need to work with security firms. Why?

With all the data that they collect, it has to be secured. For example, they should protect the drivers’ information about:

  • traffic patterns
  • frequent destinations
  • geolocations
  • and much more

Otherwise, they can leak this information. So, it is a trend that automotive companies look for new ways and platforms that secure it.

To know more about digital transformation, you can visit the WalkMe adoption platform.

Digital Transformation

Altimeter Digital Transformation: Six Stages of Success

Altimeter Digital Transformation studies how you can be successful in DX. They also think of how it improves companies and businesses.

In this article, let’s talk about how companies can find success in DX. We will also consider the six stages of DX that Altimeter Digital Transformation introduced.

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation

Before that, let’s define what DX is. The digital transformation uses technologies to transform a company.

Today, many CIOs and digital adoption managers have problems in DX. Besides, it’s not easy to apply changes. Especially because it can cause big ones.

To help companies, Altimeter summarized the six stages of DX. It helps companies answer FAQs about DX.

Altimeter Digital Transformation

Altimeter believes that digital transformation is not just about technologies. Of course, it involves different strategies.

At first, it digitalizes the whole company. Then, it allows them to make better services and products. Plus, it changes the overall culture.

So, what are the six stages that Altimeter reported?

Six Stages of Digital Transformation

The six stages of Altimeter Digital Transformation are the following:

  1. Business as Usual
  2. Present and Active
  3. Formalized
  4. Strategic
  5. Converged
  6. Innovative and Adaptive

Business as Usual

In the first stage, we can’t see many changes. Businesses will still work as usual.

At this point, they have no data analytics. So, they don’t understand their customers’ behavior yet. That means that they don’t know what they want and need.

For example, Blockbuster did not invest in new technologies. Now, they are outdated. Almost no one watches VHS now, so they got bankrupt.

But, Netflix is different. They invested in tech. So, they are now one of the top streaming service company.

Present and Active

Here, companies now realize the need for digital transformation. So, they now start to look for technologies.

But, they are still experimenting on what works. Their efforts and strategies are also not yet concrete.

So, they should find ways to solve these concerns first. Or else, they will fail in the second stage.


In the third stage, they can now see which technologies work for them. After all, different industries need different technologies.

They also realize the goals they want to meet. For example, if it’s to improve customer experience or something else.

Still, they will face challenges. But, it will be fine after having a people-focused culture.


Companies can only reach the fourth stage if they overcome challenges. But here, they will start to see the positive changes.

For example, they will see the difference before and after DX. How DX makes things easier. How it improves teamwork. And more.


In this stage, they begin to look for different innovators or digital adoption platforms. So, they can be on a more strategic path in DX.

They also overcame the challenges in culture. Plus, more employees start to adapt to new changes.

Innovative and Adaptive

Finally, they have made their way to success. In this stage, employees have fully embraced the new culture.

They also continue to adapt to new technologies, after trying more. For example, WalkMe offers a 360-degree solution to companies worldwide. 

So, employees can adopt more. They can also have a smooth digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Cisco Digital Transformation: Why Choose Cisco?

Cisco Digital Transformation. Cisco transforms your business and helps you stay ahead of the competition. Yes, we all need a partner like Cisco. We will learn the why’s on those takes. Let’s welcome in the Cisco digital transformation below!


Cisco helps you in a variety of ways. For example, it helps you to reimagine how you do business in a good way. Then, applying technologies to create new software, processes, business models, and systems.

The Need For Digital Transformation

  • Generates innovative customer experiences
  • Then, allows advanced business models
  • Also, it encourages workforce innovation

Here are some stats to back up our take:

  • 37% of companies increased employee morale
  • Also, 30% of companies increased customer revenue
  • Then, 41% of companies increased market share

Why Choose Cisco?

Cisco provides you a firm foundation for digital transformation.

Moreover, Cisco carries software, systems, and processes together in a digital-ready infrastructure. How? They will provide it in a simple, intelligent, automated, and highly secure way.


Simplicity is at the forefront of Cisco’s ability. Their products and services are cloud-ready and with flexible consumption models.


Also, they present analytics to unfasten the cost of data. As a result, the insights will help you make agile decisions.


Then, they can automate multiple parts of your business to help you become leaner and agile.


Moreover, they are securing your infrastructure from end to end so you can recognize and remediate threats immediately.

I Need To…

If you are business wandering around here, you are probably here for these very reasons.

Create Customer Experiences

Make customer interactions effortless and learn what your customers desire.

“We went from a point of having fragmented network visibility to full visibility. We can now see exactly what we need to address and can resolve issues more quickly than before,” says Paul Monaghan, the Infrastructure Operations Manager, Newcastle City Council.

Empower My Workforce

Boost worker productivity and create a human-centric workspace.

Make The Building Smarter

Link disparate building networks and address new user experiences.

Features And Benefits

Cisco’s vision is for you to build a network you can trust. Also, a network that is secure and reliable, other than being smart and transformative.

With Cisco smart building solutions, you can gain more data and more users on the move. Also, you’ll have more applications and you’ll be prepared for whatever comes next.

  • Prioritize Security

Defend what matters most to you with the Cisco platform. Also, its an industry-leading threat intelligence and advanced edge-to-cloud security solutions.

  • Provide better experiences

Moreover, you can now create meaningful customer interactions. This comes as a result of wired and wireless digital experiences.

  • Prioritize health and safety

Then, you can create a flexible workspace that enhances health and human experience. 

  • Improve operational efficiency

Seamless controls between OT (operational technology) and IT take full advantage of the fourth utility.

Cisco Awards

  • 2020 #1 Best Workplaces For Millennials in the U.S.
  • Also, the #1 World’s Best Workplaces
  • Then, Best Technology Companies in 2020
  • Also, the Military Friendly Employer of 2021. They are ranked #3 in the country as a Military Friendly Employer.

WalkMe was founded in 2011 as a guidance and navigation tool. Since then, it has grown rapidly to satisfy the enormous need for next-generation digital learning.

Responding to the needs of customers, they are now developing new ways to recognize and retain users across platforms and devices.

Digital Transformation

Best Examples Of Digital Transformation

What are the best examples of digital transformation? Well, most businesses achieved digital transformation successfully. Thinking about their examples may inspire your business too on how you can make it just like them.

In today’s digital era, digital transformation is critical for businesses. Because of technological advancements, we are certain that consumer expectations will only rise.

So to survive, organizations must go digital. If not, then they will inevitably perish in the competition. So, in this post, we will consider the inspiring examples of an innovative and agile digital transformation.

Best Examples Of Digital Transformation

Porsche Is Driving Digital

Porsche extends its digital transformation to all sections of its operations. And to no surprise, it takes in every department and its team members.

Porsche avoids tasking only one team to implement its initiatives. Instead, the company endeavors to involve every part of the company hierarchy.

As a car manufacturer, expanding automation is an important aspect. Car Connect is one of their prototypes. This prototype does analyze navigation services and traffic reports in real-time. 

Besides, it can read out news as well as choose music. These capabilities are controlled by a smartphone.

Pitney Bowes For Its Transforming Personalization

Pitney Bowes is also using digital transformation to personalize the customer experience. They implemented a digital self-service tool with an interactive video tutorial. As well as a mobile-first policy.

Additionally, all of these focus on how to improve customer experience. Also, positive experiences lead to deeper engagement and return custom. Moreover, it allows Pitney Bowes to collect data. Thus enabling them to build more detailed customer profiles.


Disney accrued major acquisitions. These aim to advance digital transformation. So what did Disney do?

First, they purchased BAMTech. That helped them acquire streaming technology. Next, they spent 52.4 billion dollars on assets from 21st Century Fox. And that includes some famous Marvel comics characters.

This move from Disney allows them to connect with consumers directly. And thus, proving to remain relevant amid the changing industry landscape.

Rockwell: Uses Automation To Bridge Enterprise And Experience

Rockwell Automation is the global leader in the industry of automation. And just recently, they applied the principles of digital transformation. Especially to the development of “The Connected Enterprise”.

Besides, this policy brings together people, technology, and systems. Thus, integrating the physical and digital worlds.

GE: 3D Printed Airplane Turbine Parts

GE is already using the latest 3D printing technologies. Especially in producing 19 different turbine parts. There are many advantages to using 3D printing.

But GE’s approach is one of the most interesting digital transformation examples. Why? It’s because 3D printing reduces the cost of transportation and storage.

DHL’s Smart Glasses

DHL’s stock management and supply chain is highly-automated already. But, they still use pen, paper, and manual scanners to run their services.

However, through their digital glasses, they managed to automate a larger proportion of their processes. For instance, it can read barcodes and deliver information. As well as mitigate chances of errors.


Today, technology is transforming services and products everywhere. Technology drives significant shifts. Thus to remain relevant, organizations must embrace digital shifts. Just as what these companies did.