Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Master

Digital Transformation Master.

How will you know if someone is good in this area? This is through watching his talents. 

Even he doesn’t say that he has that, you will see it in how you do. That is because he is now capable and expert in doing so. 

So in this article, we will know deeper about digital transformation master. 

At the same time, it needs to have the right knowledge when it comes to the plan. 

We will know how what you can center on. Through this, you will know more about their charges. 

Digital Transformation Master

Why is it a great benefit to have this program?

That is because it is a way you can have more extra online behavior. 

At the same time, you will have more chances to do it every time you enter online behavior.

Through this, you will be able to handle more duties.

Expert in Business Plan

It is not only about how expert you are in technical material.

If you want to work, you will know how to have a useful way to have a business. 

Through this, you will have the best use of the internet by taking the chance of what you know. At the same time, you will be ready to reach your goal if you have a center on your mind. 

This will help you to become more useful when making choices and if you would like to have it in progress. 

This will also make you a good manager.

Organizing According to Priorities

Giving priorities to the people that matter will help you to achieve many jobs. Through this, you will see how to sort what are the most valuable and what is not. 

The more you have plans, the more you will be able to save more time and power. This will also help you to move on to the hardest jobs. Going under to the less important stuff

Whenever there are changes, you will know how to connect more to what matters. 

So, you will follow your command in your business. As a result, you will reach your goal. 

Changes To Your Work

Technology is all about improvements. 

A master in digital transformation is in the right plan even if there are changes. 

At the same time, it helps you to grow more confident in the system. So, you will have more plans to think of. 

WalkMe has a lot of things to give in the data as well. That is because it has more focus on how to improve rather than the process. 

This centers on digital transformation and every use as well. 

You will also become up to date on what appears in the digital business. 


Now, we see why a digital transformation master is vital in a company. 

He does not only give strength to the business. He also thinks about how to make improvements. 

This will result in constant growth. No matter what the job may be, it will help him to have more plans to solve.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Forum

What is in a digital transformation forum?

It is exciting to know more about what a person remembers. But, you do not have the chance to have that discussion. 

Then, visiting a forum can be a good option. 

Yes, there is also a digital transformation forum. It helps this theme for your plans and tests.

In this article, we will know what are the things we can talk about through a forum.

At the same time, we will learn how the specialists can help you through starting your businesses. 

As a result, you will get knowledge about it. At the same time, it will help you to understand what to do. 

Digital Transformation Forum

Digital transformation can really make a lot of chances.

This program has many advantages both for you and your buyers. At the same time, having trials are normal.

That is because there are gonna be passions along the way.

Industry and Contact on Supply Chain

Whenever we think, it is important to know what one thinks about things. Hence it will become a way to know if there are risks or not. 

So during the forum, it is important to ask what are the new moves that we can expect. Knowing these things will help when it comes to the contact of the business. 

When we become aware that it is already growing, we can change. We will not a hard time knowing where to put ourselves during this change point. 

As a result, it will keep you fixed all the time.

Legal Trials

What are the legal trials? It can be either the safety of the technology or the marketing itself. 

Why are they important? That is because it takes the character of your business. So, it will mean taking back on your role. 

On the other hand, this where the value of forums comes in. During forums, you can speak with views on legal matters

They can let you become aware that there is already an answer for that. Or, you give them an idea of what plans should they make next time.

Plan Optimization

Whenever we have plans, we need to check if they will still fit. 

We have changes of aims from time to time. So, knowing the topic will help when it grows to have these data.

During a forum, it will have a secured cut for discussing the technical side of the market. 

WalkMe articles can help you and your business to be aware of these changes. At the same time, it will help you know what to make and what not to. 

Also, WalkMe will give you more advice when it comes to changing these things.


A digital transformation forum is a way you can develop awareness. After that, you can also share the data you got with others. 

As a result, you can have a victory from shoulder to shoulder. 

At the same time, you can improve and have more things to help with. It will be an advantage for everyone.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Questionnaire

Digital Transformation Questionnaire.

Why does asking questions important to the market? Is there any benefit to it?

The answer is yes. Having an examination can help total jobs. At the same time, it will help you with what other things you should accept. 

As a result, you will not skip a level.

In this article, we will know what are the things you have to think when it comes to the questions. 

At the same time, we will know how this can help you and your clients. 

So, it will move you to have the right view when it comes to the business. 

Digital Transformation Questionnaire

The goal of this research is a way of promoting your business. At the same time, it will help you to have quick growth on these things. 

This will highlight the words you need to go on. At the same time, it will assist you to have a good idea when it comes to growing your order. 

Products and Services

If you are selling a physical thing, you must check the status of them. 

When you catch that there are some problems, you can get them out and put them on your list. 

The digital transformation process is different from ordering from a physical store. 

When you ship the item and you did not check its point, it way goes to lose. Because they will just ask for a return or a refund. 

At the same time, it will help you when it comes to securing the value and quality check. 

Customer Experience

You can think of ways to assure that you treat your clients well. 

Also, you think of their interests. So, they will know that you want the best point of service for them. 

At the same time, you may think of something that will move them to get from you. 

Take for example of having promos from time to time. They will find that they can keep. But not only that, they will know about your market. 

Checking this questionnaire will keep the place to be in good shape. They will give a good display to you.

Business Cost

You may be in the market for a long time. As you check, there are things that you do not use anymore. 

You may not use them anymore. But, you are still spending for their service. So, taking away from them will help you cut the price. 

You can spend on something more helpful at the moment. In that way, you can get something from it. 

This will allow you to grow in your store. As you now have more means to buy in what can grow.

As a result, it will open more doors and ways for your progress. 


Having a digital transformation questionnaire helps. Especially when it comes to the growth of your firm. 

At the same time, it will help you on how to do things right. Knowing what you still need to do. 

You will get away from the parts that you do not need anymore.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Questions To Ask

Digital transformation questions to ask. 

When trying to buy something, it is normal to have a lot of questions. This is to secure quality when you are choosing. 

At the same time, it will help you have more data. So whenever your future customers ask the same question, you will have answers as well. 

In this article, we will consider the most commonly asked questions. At the same time, we will have a view of its answers. 

We will have an idea of why this is important. Considering it will solve the possible threats. It will result in your company’s snap.

Digital Transformation Questions to Ask

Let us move to the first one. How do you start with digital transformation?

Remember to make sure of the company. 

First, processing. You must know what to market. Also, the strategy you want to take in. 

Second, you must make sure that your work is ints high quality. 

So even when the time comes by, the clients will have the support that you always give the best job.

Third, make sure that you give a good service to your buyers. It is important because your increase will depend on them. 

When it comes to businesses, they will be the ones to get. When it comes to opinions, they can give an idea about your goods and your service. 

What Do I Need To Stand Out?

In this type of program, you will still have a lot of rivals. So, you have to stand out. 

How? You can have your own creativity. At the same time, it will open doors for more ways to know more programs. 

As a result, buyers will think of you as different. 

You will also get a lot of answers to this. If it brings them, this will help them to make the company’s online behavior grow. 

Which Programs Should I Pick?

On the internet, you can have a lot of options where you want to put your products. 

But when it comes to your choice, make sure to know which of them will you like. 

You can have the program that you know will increase your market. 

At the same time, that will you when it comes to getting the online behavior active.

As a result, you can have growth. 

Also, you can have extra displays that can bring your buyers. In this way, it helps to show more of your products. 

They will know that you sell those things. At the same time, you will also help them as influencers.


Having questions to ask for a stronger company can help. It will be a way for you to have more data.

Moreover, it can arrange your things in a good way. They will know about your goods. 

Researching more on the product will be good marketing. It will help you avoid possible threats. 

So, building them will improve the focus of your business. Later on, it will become a benefit. At the same time, it will be known.

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Digital Transformation Hub

A digital transformation hub is a point to make digital transformation in an area. So, these areas are growing in many countries in Africa.

Africa has a very long way to go in its digital change. But more and more firms and authorities are seeing its use today.

Thus, these digital hubs built in different towns are a very big help.

Also, all these hubs have one simple way, connect both the public and private fields.

So, what and where in Africa are the digital transformation hub? Let us take a look at this article. Read on to know more.

Casablanca, Morocco

In Morocco’s capital, the digital hub at Casablanca centers on the international job.

Then, this partnership plays a large part in the Kingdom’s e-Madina cluster. It is a crowd of firms that are working on making a smart city in Casablanca.

Further, the city made it likely for the growth of Casanearshore. It’s a 53-hectare market park and hosts around 80 firms. Making it Africa’s largest business place.

Then, this park made lots of plans for related services like:

  • e-administration
  • e-government
  • carpooling
  • digital services for company workers

Accra, Ghana

Google opened an artificial intelligence or AI research focus in Ghana’s city, Accra. This AI center will focus on research to help in problems with healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Also, researchers at the center have a very exciting goal. For AI to be able to know some viruses that can change results ahead of time.

But this goal is not only limited to plant diseases. Researchers are also looking into the chance of catching human diseases via AI.

Then, they also plan to do the language bar in Africa. As the region speaks up to 2,000 languages.

Machakos Country, Kenya

At Machakos Country, south of Nairobi, the Kenyan case made Konza City. This digital hub is also named the “Silicon Savannah” of Africa. 

Konza city is made on 2,000 hectares of field and now hosts many markets.

From digital giants like Google, Intel, IBM, Samsung, Nokia, and Microsoft. Then, to 250 many startups, incubators, and classes.

Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria’s city, Lagos, hosts Yabacon Valley, one of Africa’s main digital stores. Then, the valley began its doors to big tech actors like Google and Facebook.

  • Jumia. An e-commerce site and a subsidiary of Rocket Internet.
  • Jobberman. A job search website and is now partnering with Microsoft for a regional work search plan.

Cotonou, Benin

Cotonou, Benin has the advantage of being at the Atlantic shore. Because this is where their underwater cords running the global Internet are to be put.

Also, the city has the 12-hectare Benin Smart City in the acts and making it the landing point of the wires.

Then, this digital hub tries to better the country’s digital increase. And battle the stopping action.


Is it important to know different digital hubs right? Also, WalkMe enterprise drivers users to things as they use software or websites

Besides, it shows that the right people get the right guidance. And it uses any screen size and purpose.

So, what do you think of these digital hubs?

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Digital Transformation Organization

What is a digital transformation organization?

Digital transformation is the social change of an organization. Also, it has been designed all over the levels in a report.

Moreover, digital transformation leverages technologies. It creates new jobs for many stakeholders. 

Additionally, it changes other groups. Besides, it includes taking societal efforts. 

Furthermore, digital transformation is a great change of job. Plus, it has organizational tasks and plans. 

Digital transformation is a plan with many related intermediary aims. And the use of that look is key to success.

Besides, digital transformation leads to a full rethinking. And it is how a company uses technology. Also, it plans to grow the market doing. 

Path to Enterprise Digital Transformation

There is no hidden pill that will fast recalibrate a business that has century-old ideas. Hence, it is important to get full use of the chance linked to true digital change. 

Moreover, having a business plan keeps changes. Also, it focuses on sales results that have a great starting point. 

Additionally, the key organizational changes tell the value of joining market needs. Plus, it has a way of giving the goals of the firm. 

Furthermore, helping the business can get full use of the chances to change. And it can check the record in the groups. 

What more?

Digital transformation is the combination of digital on groups. Besides, digitization changes the organization on three levels:

  • Outer
  • Inner
  • Holistic

What are the important advantages of digital transformation?


The important priority is to know the areas of vulnerability. Also, it adds a high danger to the business. 

Moreover, it gets a deal with extras. Besides, it tells the social return on investment. 

Additionally, it uses a digital mindset for the company. Plus, it forms a digital idea and plans for the firm. 

Furthermore, one of the priorities is to grow the level of digital willingness in all kinds of plans. And it should rethink the business’s form and customer services. 

The important priority is to join uses into plans over the support. Also, it takes digital integrators. 

Moreover, it starts with digital works plans. Besides, it is realigning sales form. And it increases customer connection. 

Additionally, it grows in a sustainable way. Besides, it adds a competing business. 

As a result, it can develop ideas flow. Plus, it can boost operational data. 


One of the plans is to learn chances in the market. Also, it includes information on ideas and purposes. 

Moreover, it shows the vision of the organization. And it gives digital leaders data by teaching. 

Digital transformation parts are often told:

  • Buyer contact
  • Operational action
  • Workforce enablement
  • Digital technology key
  • Art and skill

Digital Transformation Organization

The rate and end of change in the digital marketplace are on a daily basis. Also, the area needs to think about how they are going to ask the tests of digital change. 

It includes their individual unit. Thus, it gives a clear roadmap for directors. 

As a result, it can choose benefits in the system. And it can turn them into work in the business. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Google

Digital transformation Google becomes the destiny of the digital world. How does Google make change through software?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Google

Google’s research shows that those who used digital transformation get more benefits. Firms can save up to 30% of their fees. Also, it can help develop their earnings by 20%.

But, the reports say that only 2% of businesses are doing changes.

Thus, Google helps digital transformation. They also called the five As of a successful one.

  1. Audience – how you know and connect with buyers
  2. Assets – making the best client experience
  3. Access – maximizing your spot sale
  4. Attribution – knowing the buyers’ value
  5. Automation – ordering tasks while growing performance

How will these opinions help?

Businesses can complete themselves well. Thus, they can use a successful digital change.

So, how did Google used this structure? We will learn about that by offering their line of technologies.

Digital Transformation Google Technologies

Google Duplex

Duplex is Google’s AI voice interface. This technology shocked many people.

During the IO 2018 of Google, Duplex called a hair salon. It also booked an appointment. All done by a tool.

Think of how many reacted to that smart interface! This new technology can help many companies. Such as medical and healthcare.

With that, nurses and patients can get real-time data. Experts can also give exact charges. No need to search through data rows!

Google Hub

Google also created a UI that goes well with AI. An intelligent design-system helps give less-clutter.

Moreover, Google Hub helps people with everyday jobs. It shows you how to begin your day at 6:45 a.m.

It also suggests to you what dress to wear. By looking at the weather.

Besides, it helps you plan your project. By looking at the traffic or your commute way.

Google Assistant

On the other hand, Google Assistant is prepared to make conclusions. These ideas are based on your role or position.

So, if you need something, Google will learn that for you.

Google Lens

Google also made another point. They used the Google lens that reads photos.

For example, you want to get the place on a menu. Or maybe you want more info about a result. You can just use your Lens to scan it.

Moreover, it is very important in e-commerce. It can also help in safety results. Thus, companies can spot workplace problems.

Hence, they can be more helpful. Also, they can save money from accounts or mistakes.

Photographic Bracketing

You may think that photographic bracketing won’t help businesses. But let’s remove this technology.

Bracketing takes many turns around a single millisecond. It also uses many contexts.

Also, it is effective in amazing records. For example, your head moves. Or if it’s real-time, many shots are great.

Thus, if bracketing is used in UI, it is a great gift. How?

Some online file drive gives different stories. Like or the famous Dropbox.

So, these orders can be more manageable in so many areas, like:

  • editing
  • data return
  • many access
  • removing errors
  • saves time
Change Management Tools Digital Transformation

Salesforce Digital Transformation: Driving Change Through CRM

Learn from the best practices of Salesforce digital transformation.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

Salesforce has more than 10 million innovators and disruptors. Moreover, Salesforce also has its community shapers. They call these community shapers ‘trailblazers’. 

Trailblazers benefit from a free online training called Trailhead. By doing so, they are continually learning skills and assets for the company. 

Salesforce Digital Transformation

Through Salesforce CRM tools, they help enterprises level up digital transformation.

Humble Beginnings

Salesforce started as a small business back in 1999. Moreover, their office used to be in a small apartment in San Francisco. 

Since then, Salesforce has truly been a ‘force’ for increasing sales in companies. Not only that. But through their DX initiatives, they bring an edge for education and business.

What does Salesforce do?

Salesforce focuses on delivering CRM solutions. 

What is CRM?

CRM is defined as customer relationship management. This is software that unites companies and customers.

Salesforce is a CRM tool that drives all your departments in better collaboration.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Commerce
  • Service
  • Information Technology

What are the benefits of using CRM?

Using CRM Tools can help a company better deliver customer service. In a sense, it aids in delivering a ‘customer-centric’ digital transformation.

For example, consider the following benefits of CRM:
  • Personalize your marketing– personalizing marketing can help you attract customers. Tailoring marketing strategies heightens the chance of leading you to the right customers.
  • Level up sales– as mentioned, you can tailor your marketing needs. Besides, this is only possible with analytics. Analytics can aid you in getting an in-depth knowledge of your market’s needs and concerns. By doing so, a company can better drive marketing solutions. Thus, improving sales.
  • Deliver better customer UX– tailor marketing should increase your customer’s satisfaction. Besides, this should also affect how your e-commerce platform welcomes and serves your users. 
  • Improve customer response– customers come back when they feel served. Most especially when they have concerns. But how can you take care of each concern without proper customer management? Thus, CRM tools can help you respond faster to your customer’s issues. 
  • Build custom applications– building custom apps will not only increase your brand profile. But it can also aid in optimizing tedious tasks. How? Salesforce can automate your tasks through app building. By doing so, you can increase your workforce’s productivity.

Salesforce Platform Services

The following are the features and services Salesforce offer for CRM solutions.

  • Mobile-First Platform- Salesforce has a suite of mobile apps. Their application can help you run your business right from your phone.
  • App-Exchange- this is home to thousands of applications. Most especially for small to enterprise-wide scale. Not to mention that these are ready to install.
  • High-Security- Salesforce has unique multitenant architecture. This enables a better degree of security. Also, it can improve your company’s compliance control. In user, clients, and admin permissions, and data access, for instance.

Why WalkMe?

WalkMe is one of the world’s trusted digital adoption platform. They can help you better decide for your digital adoption and transformation.

Digital Transformation

The Battle of Unsplash Vs Pixabay – Who Wins?

Want great photos for your website but on a tight budget? Unsplash and Pixabay solve your problem! Let’s compare Unsplash vs Pixabay here.

Both Unsplash and Pixabay allow everyone to upload photos. Moreover, these websites allow users to download and use their photos for any purpose. You can even use those photos for commercial purposes! You are not obliged to give any credit to the photographers. 

Hence, these two websites prove that photography is not just about selling photos. Photography is also for sharing photos. Thus, not all good photos have to be commercialized. Unsplash and Pixabay are great platforms for rookie photographers to showcase their world. These platforms are ways to tell the world that you are a talented photographer. 

It’s not a problem if you want to upload your photos both to Unsplash and Pixabay. Yet, it is also not a problem if you want to upload on only one platform. In this article, let’s have an in-depth comparison between Unsplash vs Pixabay. 


Both these platforms allow people to use their contents for free – even for commercial use. Hence, people are not obliged to credit your work if you uploaded it on either of the platforms. They can upload it without asking your permission. 

Pixabay shares your work as a public domain under the Creative Commons Zero license (CC0). Unsplash used a CC0 license before but now, they have their license. Yet, the rules remain the same. Both platforms allow users to use photos for any purpose – all without asking the photographers’ permission.

Number of uploads allowed

Pixabay allows you to upload 5 photos after creating an account. As we have mentioned earlier, they will review it first. Moreover, Pixabay increases the limit for consistent photo uploaders. Meanwhile, Unsplash allows users to upload up to 10 photos a day for starters. Likewise, that number will increase if you are consistent in uploading quality photos.

Accepted contents

Unsplash vs Pixabay in a variety of contents? Pixabay wins. It provides nearly all types of content provided by Shutterstock. That includes photos, vectors, footages, and illustrations. Yet, Unsplash only provides photos.

Reviewing Process

Both these platforms only accept photos with decent qualities. Hence, your photos will undergo a reviewing process before getting accepted. Yet, Pixabay’s reviewing process is tighter than Unsplash. It is strict almost as paid microstock photo sites like Shutterstock and iStock. 

Meanwhile, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Unsplash will not accept your Pixabay-rejected photo. Furthermore, Unsplash will immediately publish your photos. They will only return it to you once the team found out that they are not decent enough. In Pixabay, your photos will go through the reviewing process before getting published. 

How your works will be used

As we have mentioned earlier, people are free to use your work for any purpose. Visit some websites or popular blogs like WalkMe if you want to see where your photos are used. On this website and WalkMe, we use Unsplash. Most designers and social media managers get photos from both Pixabay and Unsplash.

Unsplash vs Pixabay – Conclusion

If you want to check the appropriateness of your photos, Pixabay is the way to go. Furthermore, it has a donation option for users who want to donate. If you simply want to give away your work, choose Unsplash. The chances of your photos getting accepted is bigger than Pixabay.

Digital Transformation

Effects Of Digital Transformation In Tourism

The digital transformation (DT) brought a huge impact on our lives. There are also huge effects of digital transformation in tourism.

The tourism industry is one of the traditional agencies. It existed even before tech companies emerged. For instance, customers had to visit the agency office to acquire undisclosed information. Furthermore, customers had to wait in a long line to buy a plane ticket. Moreover, passengers wasted around 90 minutes for airline check-in when the manual process is still the main thing.

Yet, digital transformation in tourism eliminated the geographic challenge. Hence, companies can now reach their clients via a screen. 

Trends Of Digital Transformation In Tourism

DT enabled customers to avail of more affordable and more convenient services. Additionally, services are now more accessible thanks to DT. Let’s take a look at some of the DT trends that shape the tourism industry.

The rise of online booking

The whole travel and tourism market primarily target Gen Z and millennials. These industries are fully aware that these generations are willing to spend more on the travel experience. Moreover, these generations use the internet in almost all of their activities. Furthermore, most youngsters consider digital presence as the main criteria in criticizing a business.

Statistics support that fact. Travelers currently prefer using travel portals. They use those in buying trips or planning a vacation. Statistics show that 148 million orders per year are done through online booking. That is on average. Furthermore, the online booking market enjoys an approximate 10% annual growth.

Personalization in customer experience

The competition in the tourism industry is tight more than ever. Hence, most customers prefer a customized and personalized experience. This presents a challenge in the tourism industry. Tailor-made experiences are an impossible concept in the past.

However, the presence of big data and AI gives businesses an opportunity to market tailor-made travel experiences. A survey by Google claims that 36% of travelers are willing to pay more for customized experiences.

Mobile apps

Almost all people own a smartphone. Thus, this forces businesses to develop mobile apps to grow. In fact, 35% of users book accommodations via a mobile device. Hence, all travel businesses must consider developing apps to avoid lagging behind.

However, doing so is expensive for several businesses. Yet, the investment is totally worth it.

Omnichannel Model in the Travel Industry

There are a lot of channels to use in reaching out to customers. Hence, businesses must not stick to only one channel. The omnichannel sales model increases the chances of businesses reaching their potential audience. 

A typical customer spends huge time browsing several digital channels for their expected information. Furthermore, they carefully consider reviews. Furthermore, customers often choose transparent companies. Hence, combining both offline and online activities is still a very powerful strategy.

Expressly, you should take control of every possible communication channel. These include message apps, chatbot, a dedicated software development team, social media, booking platform, email, etc. In which, voice assistants get more attention as roundly 70% of online requests currently done by voice.