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Data and Digital Transformation: Why It Is Essential

Why do data and digital transformation go together? Read this article to find out. 

Data Is Essential to Digital Transformation 

We live in a hyperconnected system. It also seems like every interaction is equal to data sets. 

Of course, change is inevitable. And because of that, how we consume and use data also changed. 

But not all changes are bad. For one thing, digital changes result in shaping new business models. For another, it drives a more customer-focused approach to transformation. 

Still, it’s sad to see how companies disregard the importance of data. Reports show that less than 50% of a company’s decision is based on quantitative information. 

In other words, most of the decisions are based on gut feeling, experience, or opinion. 

Despite that, many companies express that they want to improve in using data. Even so, most of them believe that this is not going to be easy for them. 

If you are in a similar boat, how do you know where to start? One word: Clients. 

Sometimes, companies forget that they exist because of their customers. The truth is that the ultimate impact the bottom line of every decision. 

How to Start Using Data and Digital Transformation 

This is easier said than done. In reality, there is a lot of complexity that exists within any organization. So it can be difficult to achieve this. 

Another factor is that it will affect people, processes, and technology. Digital transformation touches the core foundation of a company. 

But that does not mean that it’s completely impossible. As we’ve mentioned, data affects people and your customers. 

However, you can only help your customers transformed by transforming your business first. 

The process also includes knowing which areas you need to change and improve. But keep in mind that data transformation takes time. So, you need to have the patience to see results. 

For example, you can start by focusing on your customer’s behavior. Try to understand them by observing their buying decisions, how they use your products and more factors. 

You can also use surveys to measure customer satisfaction. This helps you predict what more they need and how you can address that. 

Data from Employees and Digital Transformation Examples

Another strategy is to improve your employees’ productivity. Needless to say, better service from your employees means happier customers. 

During this pandemic, businesses have shifted to work from home models. As a result, leaders can’t manage their employees like how they used to. 

Still, a change in the situation should not affect customer service. If anything, companies and businesses should think of ways on how to fill in the needs and wants of customers now. 

Because of that, analytics from data can help them figure out what to do. Financial companies, for instance, we’re able to predict transactions from people who stay at home. 

That’s why they were able to manage their resilience. It also helped them make effective actions to address the use of credit whenever applicable to the client.


Data tells a lot about everything that we do and about to do. Really, we live and breathe data every day. 

Now, businesses should embrace the fact that data is imperative to their operations and processes. As a result, those who harnessed the capabilities of data are going to succeed.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Numbers

Digital transformation numbers. How do they see like? To get to know the business better, we first need to know its statistics.

But first, let us start by understanding what is a digital transformation or Dx. Do you know what it means?

Read on to know more.

What is Digital Transformation?

Dx is a process where businesses make use of techs to better a lot of their fields. Like:

  • business method
  • culture
  • customer action
  • customer service
  • product control
  • services
  • back office

Thus, this journey is taking lots of businesses like a storm. Companies, big or small, are doing a Dx in one form or another.

Also, it is now important for big companies to do this journey to keep up with rivals. Thus, making them invest in techs to better all fields of their job.

But it is vital to note that tech is not the end of the journey. It is only the enabler to make the Dx a success.

Also, the term Dx is not new now. But its meaning is increasing as time goes by. Today, it now means the digitization of stocks and services. For what? For the end-user.

So, today we can see a lot of changes in a lot of areas. From tourism, learning, banking, media, and more.

Thus, making the journey more on being when and how. Meaning, if you won’t do one, it is hard to stop.

But everything is simpler said than done, as they say. A strong Dx needs a lot of time to grow.

And fruits of work will take time to develop, so patience is the key for businesses doing the journey. And it is important not to rush and reach many aims at once.

But while the look is on fire right now, it does not return a hundred percent profit rate. 

Why is that? And what are the other numbers on Dx?

Digital Transformation Numbers

What are the Dx numbers that you need to understand? Here are some:

  • 70% of businesses fail their Dx tour
  • Only 22% of businesses see success in their Dx
  • About 40% of tech purchases are going to be about doing Dx. Meaning, investments of up to a large $2 trillion.
  • The two roles that manage the Dx from the top-down are the CIOs and the CEOs. The CIO has a 28% say in the journey’ plan while CEOs have 23%.
  • Around 70% of businesses today are doing some sort of Dx or are making a plan to do one.
  • Six out of ten managers think that IoT will be important for their success in the coming years.
  • About 68% of people think that both humans and AI will work more exactly in the future.
  • 71% of people think that the workforce is an important part of doing a Dx.

Also, as per one study, the top three perks of doing Dx will grow to be:

  • 40% on better operational ability
  • 36% on more active time to market
  • 35% is meeting client needs and demands

So, are you doing a Dx now? What do you think of these numbers? Do you agree with these or not?

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Study

What is the digital transformation study?

Digital transformation is the union of digital technology into all fields of a firm. Besides, it is getting how it goes. 

Moreover, it is a plan of using digital technologies for client contacts. Also, it can meet the developing store and business needs. 

Additionally, it is a method of using digital technologies. And it can create a new shopping plan. 

For a small shop, it can future-proof the store from the word go. Plus, planning sets up and ready to start. 

The digital transformation study starts with how you think about it. Also, it ends with contact with the buyers. 

Furthermore, it builds new types of firms. Thus, with digital changes, businesses are taking a step behind. 

The increase of new competencies rolls around the jobs to be more powerful. Plus, it is ready to give results to change the job and data. 

Digital change works and plans are usually more important. Besides, it acts in markets with a high level of commoditization. 

Additionally, digital change in business using the use of open technologies. And it tells how a business operates. 


A key part of digital transformation is understanding the event of technology. And digital content is worked upon own devices. 


Digitization is the process from analog to digital. Also, it is called the plan of growing data from analog to digital. 

The networks gave the mainstream. Besides, most sales began getting all those ink-on-paper works to digital transformation. 

Furthermore, getting and giving data got much more natural. But, how firms used their new digital jobs usually followed the old analog ways.

Moreover, computer work plans were even made about reports of file reports to feel common with. Plus, it is short threatening to new buyers.

Hence, business rules and systems were still mostly made during analog-era systems. And it is using data to do it. 

Chances and Challenges

Digital change is a major test. Plus, it has a chance that helps the company. 

Moreover, the company needs to factor in the social settings they will face as workers. Also, organizational managers meet into using many technologies. 

Additionally, digital change has built different marketplace challenges and chances. And as companies need to work with fast competitors who take more of the low bar. 

Digital Transformation Tips

Here are six actions firms can follow. And it can change the position of change they want:

  • The design uses for business purposes
  • Be clear when setting the scope
  • IT and marketing need to co-create
  • Cover adaptive mode
  • Use flexible display
  • Disorders

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation adds worth to every buyer contact. Also, it builds new kinds of marketing. 

Moreover, the business will change its plans. In a way that will let more thoughtful decision-making. Also, they are using the move-to-client connection. 

Additionally, firms of all brands are building useful ways of leveraging technology. Besides, digital changes are made wide-scale in the process. 

The digital change uses data to tell everything from the form of its operations. And it gets details of open technologies to tell how the market moves. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Infrastructure

Digital transformation infrastructure acts as a key part of doing the run. In fact, it is the purpose of digital transformation or Dx.

Why is that the fact? Let us dig deeper into this research.

Digital Transformation Infrastructure

Nowadays, new technologies can improve every part of the market because of digital transformation. As a result of doing the journey, they can grow more productive. And of course, more helpful.

Also, the increase of new apps can digitize a lot of ways. Thus, give workers more time to do the more difficult tasks and be more fruitful.

Then, Dx can also let companies automate and better their worth of data.

But they can only open these perks fit to support. As said, it is the backbone of Dx and is the home block that lets firms enjoy Dx.

What are its roles, then?

Roles of Infrastructure

Network Change

Today, it is important for firms to do a network change to get a combined workforce. Also, physical pieces of a network can now be then developed into the software.

One example is routers and switches. Firms can now turn these into a Software-Define Networking or SDN. Thus, making for a faster rollout of new services.

Further, side computing can improve processing by:

  • being closer to the data set
  • reducing latency for apps like AR, VR, and AI
  • filtering network change
  • aiding IoT

Cloud Migration

One of the most basic steps of doing digital transformation is the option of the cloud. Do you agree?

If firms do not move to some sort of film, are they even doing Dx? That is how great the value of the cloud plays in Dx.

Why so? Because the cloud can let businesses be more flexible. And give them an on-demand way to what they need for apps.

Thus, making it better than big servers that are hard to develop without using a lot. Meaning, it is less powerful.

But the cloud, in reverse, is working. Businesses can add or decrease their space during working or off days. Thus, saving a lot on the IT funds.

Further, cloud merchants are also making new ways and are doing security updates. Meaning, it reduces the need for firms to do support.


The start of Dx means more devices are getting united to a system. Thus, the number of potential violations is getting higher and higher.

Also, the more data set there is, the more possible wrong can happen. Thus, the role of strength is now becoming more important for new firms.

Meaning, the way they address security now needs to be different. This is due to a force network being harder to maintain after Dx.

So, security needs to have three main points. It should be:

  • mechanical
  • united into systems
  • built-in to any apps

With this kind of protection, firms can make sure their data are secure. Of course, with the help of the right protection expert.

To Conclude

Digital transformation cannot control high without the proper help. As we can see, it plays a lot of big roles in the success of the purpose.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Agenda

What is a digital transformation agenda?

When we have a record of the things we must do, we can achieve everything. 

That is in the same way with digital change. When we know what we must do into a file, we can do all of them.

So, we will explain that today. In this article, we will know more about the digital transformation agenda. 

Through this, it will help you to have great bonuses when you try and see its effectiveness. 

At the same time, your company will grow. Knowing that it will have a regular end now.

Digital Transformation Agenda

This is a gate through many job chances. Also, that case is true with those who want to go. 

As a result, it will help with concerns to increasing your business. 

The more you know the list, the more it becomes useful to you. It will get the strength to your market at the same time. 

Computer Data Insights

When you know how to plan for the help of technology, it will make you fruitful. Why?

This is for the reason of having more things you can achieve. 

The things that you need to do clearly before changed now. You can do these jobs already all at once. 

At the same time, it will help you to know the new updates. That is because it is related to the internet. 

You will be bright. So, it will help you to keep in the step of what is important during this time.

Great Customer Experience

The digital transformation program also has the agenda of giving the best service for clients. 

That is through increasing the effectiveness of ideas for them. At the same time, it will prove to them their safety.

When they feel that they are safe in the business, you will have a greater bet. That is a chance to grow by having more clients spend in your company. 

At the same time, it will be more open to changes. Since clients have many voices to speak now. 

As a result, it will help you to know what is beautiful to the market at the moment.

Global Scale At Greater Ease

This is one of the main ideas why there is digital transformation. 

It is a way you will get it easy to do business. 

If you are a buyer, you will have a simple way you can purchase. That is because not everyone knows about technology. So every time group must be held.

WalkMe does the same. They publish articles that will help the firm to have the easiest ways of explaining things. 

So that it will help everyone. WalkMe updates us with regards to the newest updates about the digital transformation program. 

To Conclude

This is why it is vital to have the right agenda. 

Aside from knowing what you need to do, it will also help you in another way. 

That is by giving you the rest of your sales and shopping. As a result, you will your experience and energy through it.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Case

Digital Transformation case.

Digital transformation does not happen in a while. How did others do it? 

Well, we have prepared the following digital transformation case data. So, find out how businesses fill their ways. 

Also, how they build greater value for their buyers. And finally, how they grow earnings with the power of data and great analytics records.

The Digital Transformation Case Studies

One of the best ways to do digital change is to learn how others do it. So, we have shortlisted the following digital transformation case study. 

Moreover, these studies may move you in your digital transformation charge.

Amazon Business

It is an example of a digital customer’s expectation transitioning to the B2B system. The tips include the following:

  • Free 2-day shipping on orders of $49 or more
  • Select price discounts
  • Hundreds of millions of assets
  • Union of purchasing systems
  • Tax-exempt buying for fit buyers, and
  • Many more


They have changed their way of selling vehicles. Then was in 2012 when they started an innovative showroom design. The name is Audi City.

Also, it gives a different label life. It also lets visitors search the whole list of Audi’s ideal range hands-on in stores.

Additionally, at Audi City London, there is an increase in deals up to 60% from the old Audi showroom that had the site before.

Moreover, Audi only offers four cars. Thus, reducing the cost of having to hold a range of stocks.


Ford was structured in early 2006. From that year on, they moved forward with clear goals. These are:

  • To read the company’s product line
  • Center on quantitative data and class wheels
  • As well as joining the group as a whole.

Besides, the group cut the plan by 30%. Their reason was not to decrease prices. 

But to use them for further growth and change. And it gave them the project and capital to use on ground-breaking plans.

General Electric

General Electric’s Digital Wind Farm is a soft wind energy ecosystem. Both turbines with digital care for the wind energy business.

Their early solution called PowerUp technology is placed already in 4,000 units. As a result, turbine worth grown by 5%. And that means a 20% increase in profitability for each turbine.

McCormick and Company

The group started an online flavor help tool called FlavorPrint. It shows the consumer’s tastes. The users start with a 20 question quiz about eating ways as well as food likes and hate.

Then, using algorithms, FlavorPrint takes the data and makes personalized plans about recipes.


They saw a large shift in customer habits. For example, McDonald’s installed booths where buyers can customize their burgers. 

They also used social media to give away products that are linked to the ads they are opening.

Also, McDonald’s needs to answer buyers. As well as checking actively social media trends in real-time.

Under Armour

The firm wants to become much more than an active apparel market. The proof was when they begin “connected health.”

The platform is used to track, analyze, and share personal health data right to customer’s phones.

Moreover, it gives them a current of data. And that learning lets them directly know fitness and new health aims.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Research

How do you do digital transformation research?

This plan is popular. It is very true during this time of the pandemic. 

Everyone is using the internet now in everything. When it comes to ideas, a lot of people are working on this. 

But when it comes to selling, this is also true. Now, people take to go to the internet and buy.

It is safe to stay at home. That is the reason why digital transformation plays a big role in the market right now. 

In this article, we will explain the perks when it comes to this plan. Also, we will know how to research if you are used to this. 

So, let us first study the benefits of studying this business. 

Benefits of Digital Transformation

First of all, it is a reward because everyone will have the chance to know your result. The difference in the real store is that it will be faster to be public. 

On the technical side, it will be a bonus because you can do things all at once. Take for example the way of getting the form. You will lead it. 

After that, you will have the process of cargo. The payment process will also be quicker. 

Now that we analyzed the use, you may have a benefit in knowing more.

So, let us remain with what can help you with your research. 

Digital Transformation Research

The very first thing that you can think of is the kind of market you want to make. 

If you now have an exact stock in mind, then you can move to the planning already. After that, you can plan on the business you may want to set-up with. 

Take social media for example. Do you use Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube? Once you sell it when in a way that could bring the buyers, a lot of people will get it.

If you are searching for details aside from social media. You can also study e-commerce lists. 

Take for example Amazon and Shopify. 

Now that all is set, you may center on the whole way already. After reading all the appealing ads, you may start the business already. 

Even though you do it online, you will also need fit operators to help you with your market.

So, it is important to know what to take to have a strong team. 

Having all these points will help you to not only know digital change. Also, it will help you to be strong in the program. 

To Conclude

The digital transformation business is starting now.

So, you may have a business but do not what to start. 

So, doing research and become common with it can be a great help. 

When you know it, it will also be easy for you. First, knowing the brand you are designing to sell.

The next step is knowing where you want to create your business. Anything that you know will go will do.

Also, help is still important. So hiring fit ones can have a big benefit in your business.

Digital Transformation

Effects Of Digital Transformation In Tourism

The digital transformation (DT) brought a huge impact on our lives. There are also huge effects of digital transformation in tourism.

The tourism industry is one of the traditional agencies. It existed even before tech companies emerged. For instance, customers had to visit the agency office to acquire undisclosed information. Furthermore, customers had to wait in a long line to buy a plane ticket. Moreover, passengers wasted around 90 minutes for airline check-in when the manual process is still the main thing.

Yet, digital transformation in tourism eliminated the geographic challenge. Hence, companies can now reach their clients via a screen. 

Trends Of Digital Transformation In Tourism

DT enabled customers to avail of more affordable and more convenient services. Additionally, services are now more accessible thanks to DT. Let’s take a look at some of the DT trends that shape the tourism industry.

The rise of online booking

The whole travel and tourism market primarily target Gen Z and millennials. These industries are fully aware that these generations are willing to spend more on the travel experience. Moreover, these generations use the internet in almost all of their activities. Furthermore, most youngsters consider digital presence as the main criteria in criticizing a business.

Statistics support that fact. Travelers currently prefer using travel portals. They use those in buying trips or planning a vacation. Statistics show that 148 million orders per year are done through online booking. That is on average. Furthermore, the online booking market enjoys an approximate 10% annual growth.

Personalization in customer experience

The competition in the tourism industry is tight more than ever. Hence, most customers prefer a customized and personalized experience. This presents a challenge in the tourism industry. Tailor-made experiences are an impossible concept in the past.

However, the presence of big data and AI gives businesses an opportunity to market tailor-made travel experiences. A survey by Google claims that 36% of travelers are willing to pay more for customized experiences.

Mobile apps

Almost all people own a smartphone. Thus, this forces businesses to develop mobile apps to grow. In fact, 35% of users book accommodations via a mobile device. Hence, all travel businesses must consider developing apps to avoid lagging behind.

However, doing so is expensive for several businesses. Yet, the investment is totally worth it.

Omnichannel Model in the Travel Industry

There are a lot of channels to use in reaching out to customers. Hence, businesses must not stick to only one channel. The omnichannel sales model increases the chances of businesses reaching their potential audience. 

A typical customer spends huge time browsing several digital channels for their expected information. Furthermore, they carefully consider reviews. Furthermore, customers often choose transparent companies. Hence, combining both offline and online activities is still a very powerful strategy.

Expressly, you should take control of every possible communication channel. These include message apps, chatbot, a dedicated software development team, social media, booking platform, email, etc. In which, voice assistants get more attention as roundly 70% of online requests currently done by voice.

Digital Transformation

You Must Listen To This Digital Transformation Podcast

Want to stay updated with the latest digital transformation trends? A digital transformation podcast is key for that. Staying updated is critical to be successful in this breakthrough process.

Digital transformation is not just a one-time process. It is a continuous process that all companies must implement. Not doing so greatly risks your company staying in the competition. Indeed, this change enabled more efficiency and productivity in business operations.  

For instance, HR & finance move away from hand-operated processes. Now, these departments use automation for processes like payroll. This gives employees more time to focus on higher-value tasks. 

We can expect more innovative ideas this coming 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic showed flashes of such potential. Moreover, it is important to stay updated on the latest digital transformation trends. We have compiled some of the best digital transformation podcast to help you with that. Take note that the following list is in no particular order.

Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson

Each episode lasts for 30 minutes. This reveals the unknown drama behind some of the world’s biggest digital disruptions. Moreover, this teaches precious lessons learned along the way of such disruptions.

Digital Mindfulness

A London-based organization named Digital Mindfulness hosts this podcast. The said organization goals to be independent and not partial. Moreover, it also aims at the advancement of digital wellbeing.

The organization releases episodes weekly. Furthermore, it covers intriguing topics about business and the human impact of digital transformation. This is a must-listen podcast that will surely fuel your interest.

Digital Transformation Pioneers

If you’re looking to discover the hidden value of fundamental tools, such as:

  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Jira
  • NetSuite
  • Workday, and more

Listen to this podcast as it’s the right fit for you. Furthermore, this consists of interviews with the brightest experts and industry leaders. They present how innovation accelerates hyper-growth for businesses around the globe.

Etch Podcast

Etch has released more than 25 episodes. This is a digital transformation podcast to look out for this 2021. Why? It gives an inside look at business strategy. Furthermore, it gives listeners a deeper look at design leadership and innovation. Moreover, Etch gets insights from exemplary masters across different industries.

Digital Insights

Paul Boag keeps his listeners updated with the most advanced innovations. Those innovations include web and service design and user experience. Paul serves as a skilled UX designer and consultant. What makes this podcast great is each episode only lasts a few minutes. Furthermore, this podcast is good for people who don’t have much time to read long blog posts.

Gartner ThinkCast

Gartner ThinkCast releases two episodes per month. It is based in Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A. Moreover, it puts you at the intersection of business and technology with insights from the experts on how to build a more successful organization, team, and career in the Digital Era.

And There You Have IT!

One detail that makes this podcast great is its playful name. Sirius presents this digital transformation podcast. Moreover, this forms discussions with industry leaders about information technology trends. Also, it discusses the impact of those trends on people and companies. 

Moreover, it gives valuable insight from IT security to cloud technology. This helps businesses not only survive but also grow.

Digital Transformation

Build An Effective Roadmap For Digital Transformation

The market today is moving very fast and tech-heavy. Hence, you need an effective roadmap for digital transformation for your business. Otherwise, you risk getting knocked out by your competitors.

Huge companies invested in implementing a roadmap for digital transformation. For instance, Uber transformed the taxi industry. Additionally, the retail giant Amazon launched Amazon Go in 2019. It is a cashier-less checkout store that enabled a better customer experience. Moreover, Google recently invested in creating self-driving vehicles.

These are just some examples from many companies that implemented digital transformation (DX). A roadmap for digital transformation is essential for all businesses regardless of their size. However, implementing a successful DX doesn’t happen overnight. Furthermore, it is a continuous process that requires careful planning.

Steps In Creating A Roadmap For Digital Transformation

Don’t know where to start? In this article, we provided tips on how to create an effective roadmap for digital transformation. But first, everyone must understand how important a roadmap for digital transformation is. This is not for the faint-hearted. Furthermore, deep commitment, massive investment, and clear targets are essential for a DX.

DX starts from the top

A successful DX is impossible if the CEO and other business leaders won’t commit to the process. A CEO commitment is critical in any major challenge. Yet, a CEO simply agreeing to a DX is not enough. He or she must communicate the vision and why it needs to be done. 

Furthermore, a CEO must daily engage with the process. In fact, they have to be single-minded and aggressive in driving DX. A CEO’s sponsorship is not enough. He/she must be very active in the process.

Set clear, ambitious targets

Having clear, ambitious targets is essential before investing in DX. Why? First, it helps companies see how can digital technology deliver immeasurable benefits. Hence, it will be easier for a company to take huge steps in implementing DX.

Second, clear targets prevent businesses from backing out when situations get tough. Third, this instills discipline in the process since targets set the bar on what to reach.

Secure investment

Nothing good comes easy, especially when it comes to DX. The process often requires huge investments. For instance, companies with outdated systems might need to double their current spending over a five-year period. An investment might result in lower profits for a while. However, not investing might harm your profits in the long run.

Appoint a high-caliber launch team

This is a very critical step in implementing DX. Appointing a CDO as head of the team is a smart move. A CDO ensures that appropriate skills and technology are in place. He/she provides smart guidance throughout the process. 

Set up a digital unit that is independent of the organization. This enables your company to develop new ways for DX without compromising its current operations.

Nurture a digital culture

A roadmap for digital transformation doesn’t only involve installing technology into how the company operates. These methods also need to embed in the culture of the organization. This entirely changes the focus of a company.