Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Study

What is the digital transformation study?

Digital transformation is the union of digital technology into all fields of a firm. Besides, it is getting how it goes. 

Moreover, it is a plan of using digital technologies for client contacts. Also, it can meet the developing store and business needs. 

Additionally, it is a method of using digital technologies. And it can create a new shopping plan. 

For a small shop, it can future-proof the store from the word go. Plus, planning sets up and ready to start. 

The digital transformation study starts with how you think about it. Also, it ends with contact with the buyers. 

Furthermore, it builds new types of firms. Thus, with digital changes, businesses are taking a step behind. 

The increase of new competencies rolls around the jobs to be more powerful. Plus, it is ready to give results to change the job and data. 

Digital change works and plans are usually more important. Besides, it acts in markets with a high level of commoditization. 

Additionally, digital change in business using the use of open technologies. And it tells how a business operates. 


A key part of digital transformation is understanding the event of technology. And digital content is worked upon own devices. 


Digitization is the process from analog to digital. Also, it is called the plan of growing data from analog to digital. 

The networks gave the mainstream. Besides, most sales began getting all those ink-on-paper works to digital transformation. 

Furthermore, getting and giving data got much more natural. But, how firms used their new digital jobs usually followed the old analog ways.

Moreover, computer work plans were even made about reports of file reports to feel common with. Plus, it is short threatening to new buyers.

Hence, business rules and systems were still mostly made during analog-era systems. And it is using data to do it. 

Chances and Challenges

Digital change is a major test. Plus, it has a chance that helps the company. 

Moreover, the company needs to factor in the social settings they will face as workers. Also, organizational managers meet into using many technologies. 

Additionally, digital change has built different marketplace challenges and chances. And as companies need to work with fast competitors who take more of the low bar. 

Digital Transformation Tips

Here are six actions firms can follow. And it can change the position of change they want:

  • The design uses for business purposes
  • Be clear when setting the scope
  • IT and marketing need to co-create
  • Cover adaptive mode
  • Use flexible display
  • Disorders

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation adds worth to every buyer contact. Also, it builds new kinds of marketing. 

Moreover, the business will change its plans. In a way that will let more thoughtful decision-making. Also, they are using the move-to-client connection. 

Additionally, firms of all brands are building useful ways of leveraging technology. Besides, digital changes are made wide-scale in the process. 

The digital change uses data to tell everything from the form of its operations. And it gets details of open technologies to tell how the market moves. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Business Case

Do you want to know how to write a digital transformation business case?

Businesses today are doing their digital transformation (DX). But the clash price is very high at 70%.

Why so? Because some fail even only at the preparing action. Missing to make the right DX business case.

So, how can you write one and show success?

Digital Transformation Business Case: Tips

Create A Roadmap

First on the list: make a complete and clear roadmap before starting your DX. Firms fail to do this by making a roadmap in the focus of their DX or not getting any at all.

No two DX are the same. So, you need to make one that fits your company’s needs. But, there are four key roles all DX needs to have:

  • Target. Begin with where you want to go after your digital change.
  • How to get there. Set a timeline for the full DX. Then, make a form of the final result by using data or case studies.
  • Key projects. Make a full list of steps needed to finish the DX. Then, make a list of where to start and services you need to go with.
  • Main signs. Make a file. Then, breakdown the whole DX plan into small events and do things step-by-step.

It is what makes your roadmap whole. But what are its purposes and goals? 

You can use the SMART model to know this:

  • Specific. What do you want to do? Why? Who’s involved?
  • Assessable. How do you cover progress in reaching the goal? What are the supplies?
  • Achievable. What do we need to reach this goal?
  • Important. Is it the right time to set this goal? Does it meet our wants? Do we have the right person to help us?
  • Time-bound. When will we give this goal? How high is should every end take?

Know Metrics For Success

You need to meet your DX based on data. So, set metrics to make sure you make your goals a reality.

You will need to base it on what your goals are for doing a digital change

For example, you can use these metrics if you aim to better client connections:

  • User lifetime use. It is important if you plan to use technology to get new buyers. It lets you know how much worth you get for every new customer and measure your ROI.
  • Inbound and outbound marketing performance. A lot of businesses use this in digital selling. 

Another metric is for general use:

  • Customer experience. It has the promoter rate and client churn issue. Also the customer satisfaction charge.

Use the Organizational Change Control Plan

This plan lets you know of any changes needed inside and outside your shop. It also reduces the bad effects of making these changes.

If a success, it can help in:

  • Specifying DX works to the right workers
  • Knowing the changes needed in all areas
  • Placing new plans and actions to make the DX run soft

Also, it can guide you in writing the right digital transformation business case.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Report

Admire what if the digital transformation report for this year?

This year is different from the other years. It is because we did not exist the same way.

We need to make a lot of moves so we can continue with our different firms. 

You may wonder how it ran for the digital program

In this article, we will examine the report for this year’s digital transformation growth. 

We will also know the details of why the area became this important during the pandemic. 

Also, we will know why you can trust that spending on this program can also be a big help to you. 

Now, let us stay to the story. 

Digital Transformation Report

In this year of the pandemic, there were a lot of settings that we need to make.

For example, staying at home will be the best option for safety orders.

So, the things we do will be small. We used to go to the malls and parks to buy and link with friends. 

But now, everything might seem so different. Even getting important items like foods and health product, it is also short. 

That is why the increase in the digital change world grew fast. According to the report, the financial run went up to 89% of growth.

It means that almost everyone is having their jobs. It is on the internet most of the time. 

Also when it comes to the technical side, it had good growth. 

Due to the great number of people using it, the cybersecurity and interface should be pleasant. 

Not only that, but they also have to learn that it will be easy to use for everyone. That is why a lot of labels and firms are coming up with many kinds of projects in the business. 

Cases Found

Even if there is growth, there are also likely warnings that need care. Take for case the business disruption

Some of the gains are not a need during the time of the pandemic. So even if it is being put online, the shop may still be late. 

The challenge when it comes to getting more plans may also be active. It is because of the limited steps somebody can do during this age. 

But as mentioned, growth is always growing. So, there will be a solution for it as time goes by. 

One thing to read also is cybersecurity. Experts always need to be quick about this. 

Even though there are a lot more answers today, hackers also think about their next progress. So, growing every day can be a bonus. 

Moreover, you do not need to bother if you are thinking to make one. 


This year made a change for everyone. But on the digital transformation plan, they had an extra. They got a lot of perks

But despite the increase, challenges are always modern. So, knowing it in progress will help developers to make for the threats. 

Also, it will prove to you that it is secure. So if you are planning to try digital transformation, it is a good time.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Case

Digital Transformation case.

Digital transformation does not happen in a while. How did others do it? 

Well, we have prepared the following digital transformation case data. So, find out how businesses fill their ways. 

Also, how they build greater value for their buyers. And finally, how they grow earnings with the power of data and great analytics records.

The Digital Transformation Case Studies

One of the best ways to do digital change is to learn how others do it. So, we have shortlisted the following digital transformation case study. 

Moreover, these studies may move you in your digital transformation charge.

Amazon Business

It is an example of a digital customer’s expectation transitioning to the B2B system. The tips include the following:

  • Free 2-day shipping on orders of $49 or more
  • Select price discounts
  • Hundreds of millions of assets
  • Union of purchasing systems
  • Tax-exempt buying for fit buyers, and
  • Many more


They have changed their way of selling vehicles. Then was in 2012 when they started an innovative showroom design. The name is Audi City.

Also, it gives a different label life. It also lets visitors search the whole list of Audi’s ideal range hands-on in stores.

Additionally, at Audi City London, there is an increase in deals up to 60% from the old Audi showroom that had the site before.

Moreover, Audi only offers four cars. Thus, reducing the cost of having to hold a range of stocks.


Ford was structured in early 2006. From that year on, they moved forward with clear goals. These are:

  • To read the company’s product line
  • Center on quantitative data and class wheels
  • As well as joining the group as a whole.

Besides, the group cut the plan by 30%. Their reason was not to decrease prices. 

But to use them for further growth and change. And it gave them the project and capital to use on ground-breaking plans.

General Electric

General Electric’s Digital Wind Farm is a soft wind energy ecosystem. Both turbines with digital care for the wind energy business.

Their early solution called PowerUp technology is placed already in 4,000 units. As a result, turbine worth grown by 5%. And that means a 20% increase in profitability for each turbine.

McCormick and Company

The group started an online flavor help tool called FlavorPrint. It shows the consumer’s tastes. The users start with a 20 question quiz about eating ways as well as food likes and hate.

Then, using algorithms, FlavorPrint takes the data and makes personalized plans about recipes.


They saw a large shift in customer habits. For example, McDonald’s installed booths where buyers can customize their burgers. 

They also used social media to give away products that are linked to the ads they are opening.

Also, McDonald’s needs to answer buyers. As well as checking actively social media trends in real-time.

Under Armour

The firm wants to become much more than an active apparel market. The proof was when they begin “connected health.”

The platform is used to track, analyze, and share personal health data right to customer’s phones.

Moreover, it gives them a current of data. And that learning lets them directly know fitness and new health aims.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Research

How do you do digital transformation research?

This plan is popular. It is very true during this time of the pandemic. 

Everyone is using the internet now in everything. When it comes to ideas, a lot of people are working on this. 

But when it comes to selling, this is also true. Now, people take to go to the internet and buy.

It is safe to stay at home. That is the reason why digital transformation plays a big role in the market right now. 

In this article, we will explain the perks when it comes to this plan. Also, we will know how to research if you are used to this. 

So, let us first study the benefits of studying this business. 

Benefits of Digital Transformation

First of all, it is a reward because everyone will have the chance to know your result. The difference in the real store is that it will be faster to be public. 

On the technical side, it will be a bonus because you can do things all at once. Take for example the way of getting the form. You will lead it. 

After that, you will have the process of cargo. The payment process will also be quicker. 

Now that we analyzed the use, you may have a benefit in knowing more.

So, let us remain with what can help you with your research. 

Digital Transformation Research

The very first thing that you can think of is the kind of market you want to make. 

If you now have an exact stock in mind, then you can move to the planning already. After that, you can plan on the business you may want to set-up with. 

Take social media for example. Do you use Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube? Once you sell it when in a way that could bring the buyers, a lot of people will get it.

If you are searching for details aside from social media. You can also study e-commerce lists. 

Take for example Amazon and Shopify. 

Now that all is set, you may center on the whole way already. After reading all the appealing ads, you may start the business already. 

Even though you do it online, you will also need fit operators to help you with your market.

So, it is important to know what to take to have a strong team. 

Having all these points will help you to not only know digital change. Also, it will help you to be strong in the program. 

To Conclude

The digital transformation business is starting now.

So, you may have a business but do not what to start. 

So, doing research and become common with it can be a great help. 

When you know it, it will also be easy for you. First, knowing the brand you are designing to sell.

The next step is knowing where you want to create your business. Anything that you know will go will do.

Also, help is still important. So hiring fit ones can have a big benefit in your business.

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Digital Transformation Index – Futurum Research

The Digital Transformation Index at Futurum Research is a comprehensive effort to understand how companies are coping up with the digital transformation trend. Futurum Research is nothing new in the digital transformation territory. But, it seeks to learn more about it.

So, let’s take a look at how the digital transformation index came to be. Also, why do you need to get a copy of Futurum’s Digital Transformation Index?

A Brief History

Well, as we mentioned earlier, Futurum Research is nothing new to digital transformation territory. Besides, long before the moniker came to be, the firm has been helping out companies to transform.

Moreover, they are in line with the business of speaking, researching, writing, and helping to guide clients. Yes, to guide them through the process of digital transformation in different ways.

So, saying that the Futurum Research is known just that is a bit of an understatement. Instead, they are more than capable of other things.

What Futurum Research Sees

Well, companies vary when embracing technological advancements. For example, there are companies that are smooth to embrace technology disruptions and changes.

Meanwhile, there are also organizations that are the opposite of that. Companies who have failed on their journey.

But, most frequently, we have seen companies that are in the middle. Those who are half-clinging to changes and ignoring the other half.

Digital Transformation Index

Well, with all of those above, Futurum Research is interested in learning why.

So, this is where the Digital Transformation Index comes in. The comprehensive effort seeks to distinguish traits, factors, and patterns. As a result, it helps them learn why some companies are better than others.

Companies who are equipped to adapt to changes, establish market leadership despite quickly changing conditions, and reaching success through in-house programs.

The Process

Futurum Research shares the findings of their research. Also, they are able to get opinions from various sources.

Over 1,200 senior executives from North America and Western European organizations are involved in the process.

Moreover, the firm asks these executives to yield their opinions about technology disruption and Digital Transformation.

Then Came The Pandemic

Yes, along came a global pandemic. So, the Index has to make some changes.

Just when the report was put in place, the research insists to find out more on how the survey respondents coped up with the situation.

So, before publishing, they went back to their survey respondents. And, the results have been really interesting.

Futurum Research wanted to know what changes have the pandemic laid down. And you’ll learn that on the 2020 Digital Transformation Index.

What To Learn On The Index

  • The value of ten key technologies that are pushing Digital Transformation Initiatives
  • A concise overview of business performance in the last three years
  • The future scope for the next three years
  • Knowledge of operational agility
  • The influence technology disruption has had on an organizations’ ability to remain competitive


If it wasn’t obvious before the pandemic, it’s is apparent now: Digital Transformation is here to stay.

So, if you are looking to reside competitive by advancing your Digital Transformation initiatives, download your copy of the 2020 Digital Transformation Index today.