Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Awards

Digital Transformation Awards.

Awards or prizes are the things you get because of your hard job. 

That is in the same case with digital transformation. There are many people behind the progress of this program. 

So, they got many successes and shaped them into who they are right now. 

In this article, we will talk more about the awards that digital transformation took. 

At the same time, we will know why these awards are vital to the market industry. So, we can take education on how we can do the same.

It will inspire and motivate us to do better.

Digital Transformation Awards

Through the help of technology, we find it more natural to do things. It gives us the power to develop on that part. 

In the same way, that is the way we can own this search and win to keep us.

So, it can point to a good outcome. It will have attention to many people.

Levels in Digital Transformation

The winners will depend much on the levels we are in. So, it will have the same type of deciding. 

At the same time, it is a way you can order these kinds of achievements in a similar place. 

Digital transformation varies in its types of levels. Whether on technology, services, and social business.

As a result, they have many reasons you can choose from. 

You just have to decide which industry you want to go in.

It will be a way for you to have an easy way to the things you need to do.

Judging And Criteria

There are different ways with looks to judging and criteria. It is also the same with levels. 

The regional panel will have to explain these businesses and leaders. 

These regional winners will have a great effect on the business. How?

That is through taking the title. It means that they have a good character because of their show.

At the same time, it will help with concerns to their buyers to know what they need.

This kind of awards day will be like an open chance for everyone.

You will be able to reach many friends that will help you with your growth. At the same time, make contact with them.

WalkMe Entrepreneurs

That is the same way with WalkMe. They have many leading and strong managers. 

That is because of the advanced learning they got from the things they learned. They used these lessons with their buyers. It resulted in many amazing events

Not only now, but in the future. Creating a good reputation in the industry might take time.

Thus making it worthwhile when we do. So, awards are just tips.  

But, the benefit of their name in the digital business will be worth it.

You may check many WalkMe articles that will increase what you learned at the same time.


Digital transformation awards are a good way to support everyone’s purposes. 

At the same time, it is also a good way to put a good name for your business.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Numbers

Digital transformation numbers. How do they see like? To get to know the business better, we first need to know its statistics.

But first, let us start by understanding what is a digital transformation or Dx. Do you know what it means?

Read on to know more.

What is Digital Transformation?

Dx is a process where businesses make use of techs to better a lot of their fields. Like:

  • business method
  • culture
  • customer action
  • customer service
  • product control
  • services
  • back office

Thus, this journey is taking lots of businesses like a storm. Companies, big or small, are doing a Dx in one form or another.

Also, it is now important for big companies to do this journey to keep up with rivals. Thus, making them invest in techs to better all fields of their job.

But it is vital to note that tech is not the end of the journey. It is only the enabler to make the Dx a success.

Also, the term Dx is not new now. But its meaning is increasing as time goes by. Today, it now means the digitization of stocks and services. For what? For the end-user.

So, today we can see a lot of changes in a lot of areas. From tourism, learning, banking, media, and more.

Thus, making the journey more on being when and how. Meaning, if you won’t do one, it is hard to stop.

But everything is simpler said than done, as they say. A strong Dx needs a lot of time to grow.

And fruits of work will take time to develop, so patience is the key for businesses doing the journey. And it is important not to rush and reach many aims at once.

But while the look is on fire right now, it does not return a hundred percent profit rate. 

Why is that? And what are the other numbers on Dx?

Digital Transformation Numbers

What are the Dx numbers that you need to understand? Here are some:

  • 70% of businesses fail their Dx tour
  • Only 22% of businesses see success in their Dx
  • About 40% of tech purchases are going to be about doing Dx. Meaning, investments of up to a large $2 trillion.
  • The two roles that manage the Dx from the top-down are the CIOs and the CEOs. The CIO has a 28% say in the journey’ plan while CEOs have 23%.
  • Around 70% of businesses today are doing some sort of Dx or are making a plan to do one.
  • Six out of ten managers think that IoT will be important for their success in the coming years.
  • About 68% of people think that both humans and AI will work more exactly in the future.
  • 71% of people think that the workforce is an important part of doing a Dx.

Also, as per one study, the top three perks of doing Dx will grow to be:

  • 40% on better operational ability
  • 36% on more active time to market
  • 35% is meeting client needs and demands

So, are you doing a Dx now? What do you think of these numbers? Do you agree with these or not?

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Vision Statement

A digital transformation vision statement is important before doing any actions in the journey. But how do you make one? And what should be in it?

There is no question that doing a digital transformation (Dx) today is active for survival. No matter the size and the area you are in, you find yourself needing a switch.

If you fail to follow up, you risk losing. Nobody wants that, right? So, you need to have the right way. But that will not work without having a vision statement first.

A journey without a clear purpose and goal is set to fail or will get difficult. There will be no clear way on where and how will you be able to get somewhere.

So, why is a digital transformation vision statement important? And how do you make one? Keep on learning to know more.

The Importance of a Digital Transformation Vision Statement

To be successful in your mission, as said, a clear vision is important. After, with this vision in mind, make an end goal and expected results.

So, this will be the picture you want to apply after a set point with your journey. The purpose of making a Dx vision statement is:

  • gives you a big idea and a clear sense of where you want your business to arrive after the journey.
  • have a clear way of change. This will make sure that all is moving forward with the journey. So no one stays or walks.
  • makes everyone in your company take the right move. And of course, take the right actions.
  • make everyone’s moves in sync. Also, it helps them to be by themselves.
  • decreases struggles between each person and each side.

Yes, these are all important for your business. It lets you find and develop the right path for your Dx journey.

But there are dos and don’ts in doing a Dx vision statement.

Digital Transformation Vision Statement


In making one, you need to take notes of one thing. Having a vision statement is not the same as owning the right vision statement.

So, not just any will cut. You need to make sure that you:

  • make your idea align with your business goals and growth plan
  • join with those who support your vision.
  • make it with speed
  • link it with exact goals in the future
  • set what and how the firm will change
  • define how can you join with clients


Of course, there are some items that you need to look out for. In making one, the vision should not:

  • act as only a floor branding and selling
  • check your workers with barriers
  • be very complicated, vague, or lacking. Especially to important people in the journey.
  • be set up after examining your systems and plan. It should be before doing so.

To Conclude

To help you in giving your vision for your company’s Dx, WalkMe is one call away. The leading digital adoption program will lead and manage you with your journey. Also, they can give education for all your operators.

Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Company

Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Who are the safest digital transformation consulting services these days? And how do they help their buyers get in their charge?

Doing a digital transformation or Dx can be difficult to do the first time. Firms may feel like they are taking a big load by doing it alone.

So, to aid in this, there is now the start of many Dx consulting services. These groups try to help other companies in their digital shift.

Big or small, lots of companies today can make use of these sets. It can help them in making the right plan for their purpose and take the right steps.

So, who are these best Dx firms? Let us dig deeper into this research.

Managing Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Acquis Consulting Group

Acquis is a leader when it comes to digital transformation. They help clients in using digital techs that better their buyer connection.

Also, to help their buyers to better their jobs, they combine these goals:

  • tech education
  • important decision-making
  • union expertise
  • control consulting services

Thus, the accent having both new techs and the best jobs. To help their buyers to manage their buyers better.


Concentre is a boutique tech and control consulting firm. They center on making use of both:

  • control consulting experience
  • technology

And they try to help get big results for lots of world-class consumers. From many Fortune 500 firms to lots of mid-market firms.

Also, they own a lot of able workers that help SMEs make the best jobs. Then, solve their buyers’ hardest work and tech problems.


Asentech is already in the Dx field for over ten years. They converge on helping HCPs and cases to build more trustworthy results.

Then, the services they give are:

  • social media study
  • analytics enablement
  • omnichannel analytics
  • campaign planning
  • making enterprise apps
  • AR/VR
  • voice apps

Also, as one of the best Dx groups, they have gone with lots of Fortune 100 firms.


TTC is a business that focuses on helping many of the works in their Dx. They try to help them have a new list over their competitors. By making class software at order.

So, they make use of both software devices and techs with the best expertise. They are very good at sets like:

  • Rapid Testing
  • DevOps Testing
  • DevOps Dojo
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Software Testing

Also, TTC has one very nice position. It is called TTC Academy. This is their training crowd that helps groups to upskill their operators.

Thus, making their Dx having a very high chance of victory due to control workers. This is important, but many firms do not think about it.

To Conclude

So, these are four of the best digital transformation consulting services. But there is much more out there.

Today, these businesses are now ready in helping big or small businesses. Because lots are now seeing that doing Dx is important for survival.

But not all can do the visit alone. Thus, these firms are now one of the key members for Dx to fly high.

Which company do you think is also starting in the field?

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Governance

Did you know there are different sets of digital transformation governance? This will then need to cross the whole company.

To make sure companies get in their journey, they need to be aware of these. Then, they need to be ready to put this governance in place.

So, if you are doing your digital transformation, you need to understand these. Keep on reading to know more.

Digital Transformation Governance

IT Governance

The first thing you need to think about is IT governance. First, make sure you have the right people with the right skillset.

Then, have these skills put up the right IT designs. But at the same time, these will not cost a lot that will put your business in debt.

Then, see the dangers that come with new techs. Some of these may be about if it is secure, scalable, or whatnot.

Also, on the other side of the coin, you need to be able to see the perks of these techs. What can they allow within the business?

And last, you need to make sure all these techs will join with the business aims. Remember, doing Dx is not only for the sake of having new devices.

Data Governance

Today, companies deal with a lot of data. And of course, you link to this. So, there is a strong need to have to make sure of the point data at hand.

This is because this data is your design to make better-informed decision-making. Also, these are the ones Dx devices will base their review on.

For example, if you do not have the right input data, AI cannot make good choices.

Then, there is also the test to keep these data secure. Its quality will depend on how safe these data are. Outsiders may remove or edit these valuable data.

So, you need to install strong information governance. Secure privacy, security, and place. Then, make sure you keep up with agreement demands.

Innovation Governance

Today, competition is very tight. So, to keep up with rivals, it is important to drive change. Thus, if you want to keep up with them, innovation governance is vital.

Also, many stakeholders think that change should be the center of Dx. So, they are investing more in new techs, new ways of acting, and more.

In doing these, they prove they keep being fit. 

So, if you can, you also need to drive change. 

Then, see if it is an expense that your business can afford.

But, if the right governance is not put up, this can only become a value center. So, assure you place the right one.

Find a real use case of such new techs. Then, see if what this can imply for you in the coming years.

There are two ways to do this. These are:

  • having an oversight of the actual change process
  • keeping an error of the actual content of the change

Governance is Important

So, these are the different sets of governance when doing Dx. Which of these do you already have?

Digital Transformation

State Of Digital Transformation

State of digital transformation. 

What it is talking about?

Digital business is read as the world of new business plans. And digital transformation is the use of plan technologies to make sense. 

Moreover, it is a competitive choice in new offerings. Also, it adds new forms and technologies. 

Connected tools are growing as foretold. But for most firms, the change to a digital business has been more careful. 

Businesses say their greatest trial in reaching progress is the need for funds. But the large business needs to win to even start a digital change

Benchmarking Digital Maturity in the Covid-19 Age

The COVID-19 crisis made a major move in the first half of 2020. And the teams made hard moves that were required to take years. 

Moreover, it shifts workers to the past job. Also, it digitized customer’s presents in the system.

There is now more stress than ever for digital to work in ways. Besides, it can power important market rises for the company. 

This Year’s Annual State of Digital Transformation Report

It studies how businesses try digital transformation. Also, it explains changes based on the digital growth stage in the business. 

Moreover, it keeps the result of COVID-19 on digital transformation efforts. Besides, it gives a high benchmark of digital growth. 

Here are five fields that explain client focus in digital change:

  • Power and experience
  • Client contact
  • Selling and buying
  • Technology and change
  • Data and false data

Report Takeaways

The works support is one of the tops uses given COVID-19. Also, it adds the action used in the business. And it affects the results in the changes of the business. 

The more digitally got the business, the more they are focused on reacting to the COVID-19 trial. And the less digitally grown the company, the more are going on doing digital basics. 

Additionally, digitally active firms are keeping their important focus despite the pandemic. Also, they focus on the digitally-driven move. 

Plus, leadership helps guarantee business ideas. And they follow their digital transformation aims for the company and buyers. 

Here are the top five digital technologies already completed:

Big Data

Big data points to smarter business moves. And it improves skills that have the main goals of digital-first works.

Public and Private Cloud

It tells the next age of rival power systems. Also, it improves services in the company. 

Thus, public and private clouds will play a basic part. 


Application Programming Interfaces is getting the systems mix. And it shares data with one other. 

Top Five Technologies in the Works

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Internet of things
  • SDN and SDS

To Conclude

IT Managers are making cool. And they make a regular process of growing digital-first companies. 

Moreover, many businesses have foundational things is in place. Also, they are actively going on using more modern technologies

But, a great digital change will need regular care to change control. And it adds the workforce form for the whole team. 

CIOs and top IT officials will play a primary role on both maps. 

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Data: What You Need To Know

What is digital transformation data? Also, how can data help in making your DX successful?

For one thing, data plays a huge part in improving. But, how?

Read on to learn more.

Digital Transformation Data

We have seen how digital transformation improved many businesses. Now, DX helps them survive. Especially now in the COVID-19 crisis.

But, this success won’t happen without the data’s help. Also, a transformation without last without this.

Really, why is data such a big part of DX? Here are three reasons why:

  1. Cut costs. DX needs investment in technologies. So, they need money. But, the return on investment is big. In the long run, these technologies will help them save money.
  2. Get insights. These insights will help them understand their customers better. So, they can make smarter decisions.
  3. People-focused culture. With DX, companies can listen to their customers’ and employees’ needs. So, they can give the best experience to them.

But, why should companies get data in a successful digital transformation? Let’s find out.

Why Digital Transformation Data

In this article, let’s consider the two areas where data plays a huge role:

  1. Internal: Better operations and workflow
  2. External: Better services and products

Internal: Better operations

Different organizations need different ways to transform. But, they share the same goals.

One goal of DX is to make the company or business better. Now, how does data affect operations?

Data makes operations streamlined. So, it’s better than before. How so?

First, DX makes processes automated. So, employees can do more tasks in a short period of time.

For example, a Japanese telecommunications company proved how this happens. Data helped their company create a new service. So, they can reach more customers.

With data, they were able to make ads. So, they understand their clients more.

Data can also help other industries in the following:

  • plan budgets
  • understand solutions
  • get the best resources
  • improve tasks

External: Better services and products

Another goal of digital transformation is to give better services and products. So, businesses can find new ways to earn.

Of course, this translates to more customers. And collecting data is one way to do so.

Today, customers demand personalization. And especially because they have high expectations.

Thankfully, digital adoption platforms like WalkMe can help them. How so?

WalkMe helps companies shift from reactive to proactive engagement with customers. So, they can anticipate what their customers need.

And if customers are satisfied, they are more likely to stay. After all, they continue to look for the best provider of their needs.

Data also brings product inventory to businesses. So, they will know about their products’

  1. stock numbers
  2. location
  3. production
  4. delivery date

This helps them know which products are in demand. So, they can add more and increase sales.

How to Apply Digital Transformation Data

So if you wonder, how can you apply digital transformation?

The first step is to determine your goals. So, you will not be lost.

To help you, here are some goals that companies need:

  1. Know customers more
  2. Boost productivity
  3. Reduce expenses
  4. Promote people-focused culture
  5. Make customer experience better
Digital Transformation

Implementing Digital Transformation: Why And How?

Why is implementing digital transformation important? How are you going to do that? What are the steps you need to take?

Let’s find out in this post.

Why Is Implementing Digital Transformation Important?

Let us know what digital transformation is. In order to know its importance.

With each company, digital transformation could mean many things. This causes it hard to describe it in terms of a casual reader.

This needs a business to change from age-old leadership strategies and services. Toward more challenging setups.

Digital transformation, thus, includes a shift in the culture and structure of a firm. The following areas of the industry are usually protected by digital transformation:

  • Consumer

Leverage relations with clients and reshape the road to purchase. Thus offering their purchase experience proper focus,

  • Competition

Invest in such a strategic edge and improve it. By developing a specific experience and proposal of value

  • Data

Rely more on facts and less on perceptions. Also, use real-time decision-making guided by data.

  • Innovation

To keep the company up to date on the newest technology, develop in fast versions.

  • Value

Judge transition by assessing the digital transformation’s link to new business growth.

Steps for Digital Transformation Success

The steps taken to implement DT vary depending on a company’s needs and priorities. Thus, we can only provide you with some guides for the digital transformation method. That you would need to configure based on your specifications:

Step 1: Develop A New Method For Business

Digital transformation starts with the current business method being redefined. This may be whole, really minute processes or some such. Such as optimizing the process of user reviews.

Step 2: Recognize The Main Technologies

There are several recent developments that are seeing fast growth and usage. But it doesn’t say that now in your firm you will have to adopt all of those. Technology selection depends on the method you were aiming to improve.

So, the target must be seeking the technologies. That suits the business goals correctly. As well as successfully implementing them.

Step 3: Understand An Invention Approach

If you begin with digital transformation, the very first try is unlikely to pick the right match. Even if you make a great match, a process is important. In order to quickly introduce new technologies in the future.

This allows the organization to step away from the conventional hierarchy of management. Also on the lower end of the row, to interact more with workers. It also implies that society should be redefined. In order to develop a unique climate. In which viewpoints and changes are welcomed rather than silenced.

Step 4: Build A Talented Workforce

You’ll need professional and creative individuals to implement pioneering technologies.  Especially those willing to form the principles into such an actionable strategy.

It would be hard to introduce new technology without qualified IT experts.

Step 5: Defining A Roadmap

You know what you need to do now. Then this is time to identify the implementation roadmap. The whole execution should be performed in steps. Preferably, before heading all out with your strategy, you should test your theory on a tiny level. A risk mitigation step must end with each phase of execution.

Digital Transformation

The Future Of Digital Transformation In Education

COVID-19 entirely changed how we do things. Education is greatly affected. What is the future of digital transformation in education?

The importance of digital transformation in education is now critical more than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic brutally taught us how important it is to adapt to technology. Many educational institutions integrated technology even before the pandemic started. However, many schools still struggle to catch-up with the shift in education.

Digital Transformation In Education Is Critical More Than Ever

Let’s take England for example. The Department of Education in England reported that 10,000 schools in England had no remote education capabilities. England had millions of students who were potentially receiving no teaching at all, the department added.

Many countries distributed tablets and laptops to students from low-income homes. Furthermore, several schools received financial support to set-up digital education platforms. Some of those platforms include G Suite and Office 365. Those are great steps to continue learning despite the pandemic.

Digital Transformation In Education – Trends

Indeed, many countries around the world are doing everything in their capability. That is to continue education. However, simply handing out gadgets to students is not enough. Moreover, education won’t go back into its normal state for an unforeseeable future. Education departments worldwide must keep in mind the trends listed below. That is to ensure that everyone benefits from the shift.

Live-streamed learning experiences

Many schools worldwide shifted in broadcasting live lessons. Yet, poor network connections quickly ruin any attempt to teach. This is especially true in less fortunate countries. Statistics show that not all schools ensure. that their students have adequate access to the internet.

Furthermore, “Zoom fatigue” is a very real phenomenon. Both instructors and students experience it. Hence, education departments must take this into account when designing curriculums. James Clay urged departments to design an effective online curriculum or blended curriculum. 

Such a curriculum must take advantage of the technology and opportunities it offers. However, this doesn’t mean bombarding the students with screentime. Doing so delivers a negative impact on the wellbeing of the learners, Clay added. James Clay is the head of higher education and student experience at Jisc. Jisc is a non-profit company in England supporting higher education and research institutions.

Upgrading education technology

Applying digital transformation in education must not stop. Even students return to physical learning. Some schools started installing cameras to facilitate lesson-learning.

Those cameras will be used to stream classes. Physical distancing is still essential when students return to campuses. For instance, accommodating 30 students in a room is not a smart move. Instead, the teacher might be able to teach the same lesson to 15 students in a room. Meanwhile, the teacher may live-stream the same lesson. That is to 15 students sitting in another room.

Schools may also use virtual reality to make learning more interesting. Travel is restricted. Hence, field trips to museums and other education sites are impossible. That is for the meantime. Virtual reality enables students to go to those educational sites without traveling. Hence, this enables more dynamic ways of thinking and learning.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Keywords To Remember

Minding some digital transformation keywords may help organizations achieve successful transformation. Of course, every organization has its specific strategies.

Well, Adobe is one fine example of achieving success in digital transformation. So, let us just consider the top keywords to remember from Adobe’s successful journey. These keywords may also apply to your business. Thus, allowing success to your organization’s digital transformation.

Helpful Digital Transformation Keywords For Success


You may agree that living in a world with no creativity is boring. It’s like you’re confined in a space with only one color, one style, with no other options. So, be creative. Art is an important part of what makes the world a special place.

Adobe, for example, applied creativity. They believe everybody has a story to tell. So they enable people to tell their stories. How?

By connecting with them using the right technology. With the right time of course, and with the right intuitive interface. Thus, they empower people to create while transforming the business.

“Artificial Intelligence”

Every decade comes with a big tectonic shift in technology. And most companies recognize these shifts. So they figure out how to harness them toward any mission they have.

Also, in recent years, cloud and mobile lead to such shifts. So take advantage of these technologies. For example, the cloud enables crucial advantages for customers. Location independence and collaboration in particular.

Adobe used this advantage. They’re exploring ways how their flagship products could work on mobile devices. They also introduced several mobile-first apps. So users can use their devices for creation, and not just for consumption. Therefore, explore also how these technologies improve the way your business work.


Think of platforms in a couple of ways. Invest in technology innovation that will stand the test of time. A platform that can solve problems. As well as build something that will serve your customers for many years.

Moreover, if you get the platform right, you are serving the entire workflow of the customer. As a result, you gain more market share. Or you’re considered more mission-critical.


Customer experience is far more important today than in recent years. Before, companies only have to think of functionalities and features. But now, you must consider everything in the ecosystem.

Additionally, each customer is either an evangelist for your product or a detractor. That’s because it’s not just a one-time purchase. But, an on-going experience and journey.


Adobe had core hypotheses that led them through the transition. They believe that understanding how people use products online allows them to tailor offerings quicker than the traditional.


Transforming could be uncomfortable in many ways. It can feel impossible to connect the dots from the start. From where you are and from where you want to go. So you need to reinforce the positives.

Additionally, adapt to things that you may get wrongly. Also, create a culture that enables you to look at things with transparency and acknowledge failures.

“Risks In Investments”

Some investments succeed. But some also don’t. So, create a culture that can celebrate both failures and successes. In this way, people will be comfortable in trying new ideas. Even when some of them don’t work out.


Communication is very important. So, engage with your team regularly. Focus on them. And acknowledge your accomplishments as a team.