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2021 Best Robotic Process Automation Companies

There are just tons of benefits in implementing robotic process automation (RPA). These robotic process automation companies are the best in the business. 

What is Robotic Process Automation? 

RPA is a relatively new software automation technology. It is programmable by users to accomplish business tasks. RPA automates routine and repetitive tasks like data entry to completing forms. Hence, it allows workers to focus on higher-value tasks. 

RPA combines artificial intelligence and machine learning in accomplishing tasks. It can copy the actions of an employee. Thus, RPA acts as a ‘personal assistant’ to employees. 

This technology comes with tons of benefits. For instance, it improves efficiency in the workplace. Since bots don’t need rest like humans, they contribute massively to the amount of work done.

Moreover, RPA bots almost make no mistakes. Hence, the quality of the work skyrockets. This is why many industries like healthcare, financial, and call centers turn into RPA. Experts anticipate that the RPA market will reach $2.7 billion by 2023 from $1 billion in 2020.

Top Robotic Process Automation Companies 

As mentioned, RPA is one of the most booming industries in the market. As result, the market also contains many tools. Overwhelmed by the choices? Read on to see the list of best robotic process automation companies. 


UiPath has a solid claim to the title of RPA leader. It has 3,000 employees. Furthermore, this company is perfect for large enterprises ready to invest significant resources in RPA. 

Moreover, UiPath has an extensive partner network. These are well-deveoloped partners helping UiPath retain their competitive advantage. UiPath has extensive product offering suitable for many verticals. Furthermore, UiPath is great for Windows-based users. 

This company is also known for its quick and responsive customer support. However, UiPath’s user interface is complex, requiring some machine learning experience. 

Automation Anywhere 

This is one of the leaders among robotic process automation companies. Automation Anywhere holds a strong market profile making them a “first look” for any potential buyers. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can also benefit from Automation Anywhere’s services as they are fully cloud and Saas-enabled. 

Moreover, Automation Anywhere is known for its fast implementation. Like UiPath, this company also has a responsive customer support. Its flexible architecture allows for easy scaling. Furthermore, its cost structure is typically affordable. 

Yet, more complex automations require extensive knowledge and technical staff. In some cases, API access in Automation Anywhere could be improved. 


BluePrism practically coined the term “RPA”. A team of software automation experts founded BluePrism in 2001. It now stands as one of the best robotic process automation companies. 

The company primarily targets large enterprises with huge resources. BluePrism offers free verison as a trial. Most of BluePrism’s clients come from financial services. 

BluePrism is a ss a secure and stable automation company. It has a wide array of partners. Furthermore, BluePrism is known for its supporting documentation which is critical in the RPA market. 

However, BluePrism doesn’t use bots to record human staff and mimic them. Moreover, the company’s design studio generally requires a more technical user.

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Best Robotic Process Automation Training Courses

Almost all organizations currently implement robotic process automation (RPA). These robotic process automation training courses will get you a long way.

Experts predict that if the growth of RPA keeps its pace, it will achieve a near-universal adoption in 2023. Indeed, RPA emerges exponentially as a core technology for streamlining business processes. 

In simple words, RPA is the use of software robots to automate repetitive and mundane tasks. The demand for this technology opens more doors for individuals who want to start a career in the RPA field. 

Do you want to pursue a career in the RPA field? Or do you simply want to strategize and communicate effectively about RPA? Whatever you choose between the two, taking a robotic process automation training course will bring you a long way.

These online robotic process automation training courses will teach you how to use the latest RPA tools and practices. These serve as your stepping stones onto the RPA path. 

MindMajix RPA Training

This 30-hour online course tackles the fundamentals of automation. The course specializes in the development and design stage of RPA. MindMajix offers this course via live online sessions using GoToMeeting or WebEx. 

Yet, you may attend another session if you miss a class. Moreover, students may also watch the recorded video on the website. Additionally, you can opt to watch pre-recorded videos if you can’t attend the live sessions. However, you’ll miss the added benefit of the live instructors and trainers.

MindMajix also offers instructor-led corporate training if you want to train multiple employees on RPA at once. They also have online self-paced courses.

Udemy UiPath RPA training course

This self-paced online course instructed by Bryan Lamb covers a wide array of topics in RPA. These are:

  • Installation
  • Orientation
  • Structure
  • Control flow
  • Error handling
  • Automation of common apps and processes
  • Debugging

Lamb claims that this course is comprehensive enough to equip you with the necessary RPA skills. It’s recommended that you take the RPA Overview course first. However, you may embark on Lamb’s training course if you’re confident with your RPA understanding. 

Multisoft Virtual Academy Robotics Process Automation Online Training

This is an online robotic process automation training course. It has a duration of 1 month or 30 hours of coursework. Various instructors lead the live virtual-classes every Saturday and Sunday evening.

Furthermore, the course promises that IT professionals will understand the fundamentals of the following:

  • UI automation
  • Error management
  • Case management
  • Blue Prism’s robotic automation, and other RPA concepts

Additionally, this course comes with a certification of completion from Multisoft Virtual Academy. 

Edureka Robotic Process Automation Training using UiPath

This 12-day online RPA course by Edureka claims that students will be ‘UiPath’ experts after finishing the course. The course presents real-life case studies highlighting all the key concepts of RPA.

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to use UiPath with the following:

  • Build RPA bots
  • Debug and handle issues
  • Perform image and text automation

Moreover, you’ll learn how to use additional RPA tools and other relevant topics. 

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Ui Path Tools: Community & Studio Edition

UiPath is one of the most popular choices for RPA. The Ui Path tools offer extensive functionality when it comes to automation. 

What Is UiPath?

UiPath is an RPA tool that automates office repetitive tasks. In addition, UiPath started the business in 2005. Founded by a Romanian entrepreneur Daniel Dines. Since then, UiPath has eased the complexity of tedious tasks. 

Ui Path Tools

UiPath offers a free community edition for small teams and individuals. On the other hand, UiPath also offers it’s UiPath Studio. This Ui Path tool is intuitive. It can adjust itself according to the user. 

See the differences between these Ui Path tools below.

Community Cloud: The FREE Version

Community Cloud Edition is best for those who are still beginning to do automation. This edition is usually used by small teams. Also, education and training purposes serve best with this edition.

Moreover, the Community Cloud or the Studio Community is free. This is truly a generous provision by UiPath. Because they believe that ‘automation should be part of everyone’s daily work’.

1. Macro Recorder

Along with this free version is its macro recorder. You can liken a macro recorder to someone who’s training a human user in an actual setting.

A macro recorder will record your mouse clicks, and keystrokes. In turn, it will generate automation scripts for you. So the bot will do the task for you the next time.

2. Web Automation

Another feature of this free edition is its web automation. This feature makes use of a pre-built recorder. Moreover, this recorder can read and do your web-based tasks. It works with all websites. Not to mention how it also works even with complex automation tasks.

So if you are someone who’s yet starting with automation, UiPath has this edition for you.

UiPath Studio

On the other hand, UiPath Studio is its new advanced RPA software. This software can fit all kinds of users. Business, RPA developers, and specialized developers, for instance. Whichever user you are, you can build your robot to cater to your tasks.

1. For Business Users

UiPath StudioX fits business users. So it does not matter if you are a developer or not. Because this version has no-code navigation. Rather you can create your automation tasks with its drag and drop feature.

2. RPA Developers

UiPath Studio also fits RPA developers. For example, RPA developers can create their own attended & unattended robots. That is with their advanced automation skills, they can enjoy more of this version. Not to mention how this comes with robust debugging tools.

3. Specialized Developers

For more advanced features, the UiPath Studio Pro serves you well. It can cater code c# projects, and test case building for RPA. In addition, it can also test automation for both web and desktop. UiPath Studio Pro also lets specialized developers create and publish their mobile testing projects.

FREE UiPath Training

Since gaining extensive RPA knowledge is an edge, UiPath offers free training on their academy. This course will equip its users with advanced IT automation skills. Courses fit both beginners & advanced users.

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Automation Anywhere Vs UiPath

Which one should you opt for? In between Automation Anywhere vs UiPath, which is which? 

Constructive Comparison In A Competitive Market

The RPA landscape has evolved on a massive scale. Resulting in a wide array of choices of tools. Automation Anywhere and UiPath are just some of the renowned best choices. Moreover, they are one of the leading platforms when it comes to RPA.

Now, to help you weigh the two, let us first define each.

Automation Anywhere (AA)

Automation Anywhere is a robust and competent RPA tool. It can automate even the most complex of tasks. Which makes any complex workflow easy.

Moreover, Automation Anywhere makes use of conventional RPA. specifically in reading unstructured data. Also in comprehending the natural language of automation. Automation Anywhere has a Control Room. This is where automation tasks are prompted.

Best Features of Automation Anywhere

Smart Bots

AA lets users develop their own bots. These bots are trainable enough that can easily adapt to their programmed workflow. Moreover, it is these bots that ease the complexity of tasks. Because users can be confident enough that these bots will work just as they are assigned to.

Better Analytics & Insights

Along with the deployment of bots are the generating of reports. So the user can track how well the tasks are delivered. 

Moreover, these analytics are useful in gaining better insights. Thus helpful in delivering better solutions.

High-Security Advantage

Automation also presents the challenge of cyberattacks. But AA got you covered. This RPA tool employs high-class security protocols. Thus assuring its clients of optimum security with all the data entrusted.


While UiPath is another RPA tool designed especially for business analysts. Moreover, this tool empowers business tasks by reducing the human workforce. UiPath is also a less code RPA tool.

The following are the major functions of UiPath:

  • Flow-chart related tasks
  • Process modeling change management
  • Deployment management
  • Execution monitoring
  • Remote execution
  • Remote scheduling

Best Features of UiPath

Enhances Customer Experience

Since tedious tasks are left on the tool, companies can now focus on delivering better customer service. Not to mention how automation can speed up processes and operations. Thus providing a positive impact on customers’ demands.

Boosts Employee Productivity

As mentioned, automation takes off the tedious repetitive tasks from humans. So companies can better deploy human productive tasks to employees. Tasks that fit their level of expertise and profession, for instance.

Better Management

UiPath has a centralized management server. This server allows its users to manage all their bots in a single place. Moreover, this feature employs better security. Thus also resulting in better bot management.

Automation Anywhere Vs UiPath

  • AA is script-based. Whereas UiPath has a visual process designer feature.
  • Both tools have Macro Recorders. A feature that eases you into the deployment of automation.
  • AA is available via application-basis. However, UiPath offers both mobile and browser access.
  • AA has client-based architecture. On the other hand, UiPath uses cloud-based architecture.
  • When it comes to pricing, AA costs you more with its high-cost deployment. Unlikely with UiPath that offers an entry-level pricing cost.
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Why UiPath Is A Good Choice?- 6 Reasons Why

Topping the world’s RPA tools is UiPath. Why? Why UiPath is a good choice, most especially for businesses & big enterprises? 

We’re giving you the top 6 reasons why. But first, let us know UiPath briefly.

What Is UiPath?

UiPath is a private global software company. This company specializes in delivering robotic process automation (RPA) services. 

This company was founded in 2005 in New York City, United States. Not to mention that this company serves up to 25 countries around the globe, topping the list in North America’s top RPA choices.

Why UiPath Is A Good Choice?

Are you considering automating your business processes? Are you in the stage of looking for the best RPA buddy? 

Let’s consider 6 reasons why UiPath is a good tool choice.

1. Fast & Efficient RPA Services

Do you know that UiPath is observed to be three to four times faster among any other RPA tools available today? Making it today’s most efficient and robust RPA solution.

How is this possible? This is because of the software’s robotic capabilities. For instance, their robots are capable of conducting real-time process adjustments according to the task assigned. So you can expect this tool to be initiative enough to adjust to your workflow. Reducing the time suppose to be for complex configurations.

2. Attended & Unattended Automation

First, what is attended and unattended automation? Here’s a brief description for you.

  • Attended automation-  refers to automation in need of a users’ or administration’s interference to enable running
  • Unattended automation- unlike the attended automation, this type of automation can run even without a user’s or administration’s execution. Rather, automation is triggered by events.

Which is better? Well, it much depends on the kind of task you want to automate. Some tasks are more preferable with attended automation, while others work best with unattended.

Certainly, UiPath can offer you the best of both services. One factor that makes them stand out compared with other RPA platforms.

3. Multi-Tenancy Solutions

Thirdly, Uipath offers multi-tenancy solutions. This kind of solution helps an enterprise be more cost-effective with RPA implementation. That is because multi-tenancy enables easy maintenance of applications in a network. 

Thus, making it an efficient investment for the enterprise. 

4. Helps You Prioritize Tasks

The heart of automation is efficiency and productivity. UiPath can do both the best way possible with its intelligent system. For instance, UiPath is designed to schedule automation processes according to the level of priority.

This feature helps in meeting the requirements needed by legal agreements. In a sense, setting the right priorities help in reaching deadlines of tasks. 

Isn’t that productive and at the same time efficient?

5. Free Edition

UiPath offers a FREE edition of their software. This is also known as their community edition. This way, enterprises or individuals can first test their system with the tool. Thus, making it an effective way of subtle automation implementation.

6. Helps Businesses Be More Competent

Companies such as NASA, Airbus, and Bank of America use UiPath in automation. Implementing the right kind of automation better helps these companies meet market demands. 

Certainly, it can do the same for you too.

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Uipath Vs. WinAutomation: RPA Tool Comparison 2021

On the web, you’ll find various RPA tools. For instance, topping the list is UiPath vs WinAutomation. Learn the basics of these RPA tools in this article.

UiPath In Automation

UiPath is one of the leading RPA tools available in today’s automation market. The UiPath RPA tool is considered to be the top choice among many other RPA tools in North America. Not to mention how this tool serves even the biggest enterprises in the market. For instance, Airbus and NASA.

Expedite Tasks

When it comes to boring and tiresome repetitive tasks, UiPath is your best buddy. In fact, UiPath is known to be 3 to 4 times faster than any RPA tool. 

This tool is designed to be faithful in expediting repetitive tasks with automation. That means, you no longer have to get back in the same task over and over again. Simply program the process or workflow, and UiPath will have it covered for you.

Less Human Error

The more a person does a certain task multiple times, the more he is prone to error. This is due to overconfidence at times, or due to boredom. One of the reasons why an employee cannot fully focus on a certain task.

However, with automation, there’s the lowest chance of any human error. Since everything is programmed, you’re safe. The probability of errors depends on how you program the workflow.

WinAutomation In Automation

On the other hand, WinAutomation is another automation tool for desktop and web-based tasks. The WinAutomation can automate any window-based tasks on your desktop.

Limitless Opportunities To Automate Desktop & Web-Based Tasks

WinAutomation promises to automate any of your desktop tasks. More particularly, simple administrative tasks. For example, data transfer between systems, sending e-mails, and any kind of file management.

In addition, this tool works for web-based tasks too.

Process Designer: Simple Navigation

Moreover, this tool offers its process designer which is easy to use. Their process designer has an easy drag and drop feature for easy navigation within the tool.

Not to mention how this tool does not need any special scripting languages for you to successfully operate.

UiPath Vs. WinAutomation

Overall, both RPA tools meet the need for automating tasks. However, there’s no question about that. The question now, which meets your needs better?

Consider what reviewers say about the product.



  • Fits even big enterprises. So UiPath can effectively automate even complex business workflows.
  • You can simultaneously deploy hundreds to thousands of bots.
  • Quick return of investments


  • Needs a proper mobile application
  • Pricey compared to other tools
  • More optimization needed for the application management



  • Cost-effective and reasonably priced
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Good technical support system


  • Fail even with simple projects
  • Only works for Windows systems
  • Lacks features & needs to upgrade its AI tools

In conclusion, more reviewers opt for UiPath although it’s more pricey than WinAutomation. This is because they feel that UiPath meets their business needs better than WinAutomation. However, if you are a beginner in automation, you can go for WinAutomation. Since this tool fits simple to complex tasks on a windows desktop.

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What Is UiPath? – All You Need To Know

What is UiPath? UiPath is an RPA tool that’ll help you automate tasks into workflows and no longer bother the repetition. 

Not to mention how this tool ranks number 1 in North America. Why? And how can this RPA tool work for your business or enterprise?

All About The Company

UiPath is a private industry founded in 2005. Its Romanian entrepreneurs & founders are Daniel Dines & Marius Tîrcă. In addition, these two now spearhead the enterprise globally. Daniel serves as UiPath’s CEO, while Marius serves as the CTO.

It specializes in the industry related to RPA, artificial intelligence, & automation. Since 2005, this industry has helped small to large enterprises worldwide with their automation solutions. These and all made possible with the hands of 2,800 employees all around the world.

It is noteworthy to mention that it serves up to 25 countries. Making them the top RPA tool in North America. In addition, big enterprises such as the following are using their RPA services.

  • Airbus
  • NASA
  • AutoDesk
  • DHL
  • HP
  • Paradise
Official Website:

Why Enterprises Choose UiPath?

There’s a lot of RPA tools available in the cloud. UiPath is not alone in the options. However, what makes this RPA tool stand out? Well, consider the following features and editions it offers.

I. UiPath Features

Activity Library

This RPA tool is inclusive of an extensive activity library. Along with this is its drag-and-drop UI which makes it an easy to navigate automation tool.


Aside from the solutions it provides, it does not excuse the need for high security while serving in the cloud. For instance, it has a centralized server. This server serves as storage and encryption for user credentials.


For quick creation of automation, it also has tools such as a recorder. These recorders work for both emulators and desktop applications.

II. UiPath Editions

Aside from the said features that it offers. This RPA Tool also makes the RPA experience more personalized with their various editions. 

If you’re wondering which UiPath Edition suits you, then see the following options.

1. Community Cloud

This edition is perfect for small teams or individual users for automation. Since this is designed for beginners, small teams can make use of this to practice the basics of automation.

2. Studio Edition

For instance, you are confident enough to use automation for an enterprise-level, then the Studio edition may serve you well. This works for individuals also.

3. Enterprise Cloud

On the other hand, this edition suits enterprises- as the name itself suggests. In addition, this is a cloud-based version. 

Furthermore, this edition is inclusive of the following tools, which is named as UiPath Architecture.

  1. UiPath Studio
  2. UiPath Robot
  3. Also, UiPath Orchestrator

4. Enterprise Server

The difference between this version and the Enterprise Cloud is that the Enterprise Server is an on-premise version. Thus this is installed on the enterprise’s server itself. Whereas the other version (Enterprise Cloud) is only on the cloud.

The same with the Enterprise Cloud, this edition comes with the UiPath Architecture tools. As what’s enumerated above.


Differences Between UiPath And Automation Anywhere

What are the differences between UiPath and Automation Anywhere? Of course, both of them were good Robotic Process Automation. Both of them too have a strong competitive advantage.

That only means the businesses and organizations have the opportunity to make decisions. Especially in selecting the leading platforms.

So, let’s consider each one of them and see what makes them differ from each other.

Automation Anywhere

We define it as the most prominent and robust RPA vendor. It offers the top RPA capabilities so you can automate complex tasks. Besides, this technology changes the entire operating process of an organization.

And like other RPAs, Automation Anywhere allows you to automate processes performed by humans. Also, it’s a web-based management system that uses Control Room to run automated tasks.

The Benefits Of Using This Platform

  • Continuous automation
  • Smart bots
  • Effective insights
  • Simple software, and
  • High-class security

The UiPath

We define UiPath as the Windows desktop RPA software. And it is designed specifically to empower business analysts. Thus, helping automate business processes within their companies.

This tool reduces manpower. It also contains less code like ‘.net’ scripting language. Moreover, it focuses on activities related to flow-chart.

Benefits Of Using UiPath

  • Customer experience
  • Increased productivity, and
  • Management capabilities

The Differences Between UiPath And Automation Anywhere

In General Terms

  • Automation Anywhere is more script-based. On the other hand, UiPath has visual process designers. But both of them have Macro Recorders, which helps speed up process mapping.
  • In terms of access, Automation Anywhere has an application-based entrance. While UiPath has both browser and mobile access.
  • When speaking to architecture, Automation has a client-server based architecture. Whereas in UiPath, it uses a cloud-based architecture.
  • Automation Anywhere has a high cost of deployment. On the contrary, UiPath has entry-level pricing.
  • Automation Anywhere can manage high scale robot deployment. While UiPath, on the other hand, debugging highlights breaks in all types of projects.

In Terms Of Security

Automation Anywhere’s security feature assures its customers that their data is safe and protected. Additionally, it can enforce fine-grained role-based access control.

UiPath, on the other hand, contains best in class, enterprise-level security. As well as auditing capabilities that include role-based access control also.

In Terms Of Pricing And Cost

UiPath RPA pricing starts with 3,990 dollars per year per user. But the platform also offers a free open-source version, as well as a standard free trial version. So, users can test before committing.

Meanwhile, Automation Anywhere begins at 995 dollars for a single payment per user. And like UiPath, Automation Anywhere also offers a free trial version. However, it has no open-source version.

The Architecture

Automation Anywhere’s architecture has 3 core components:

  • Control room
  • Bot creator, and
  • Bot runner

On the other hand, UiPath’s architecture contains 3 pieces:

  • The UiPath Studio
  • UiPath Robot, and
  • UiPath Orchestrator

The Certifications

UiPath offers certifications within 2 separate tracks. First is their General Track. And it’s designed to establish a solid foundation from both technical and knowledge perspective.

The second one is their Developer Track. This one is for establishing a more in-depth level of expertise. Also, this is for testing certification seekers’ ability to solve problems and identify processes.

Automation Anywhere, like UiPath, offers two categories of certifications. These are the following:

  • AA Certified Advanced RPA Professional, and
  • AA Certified Master RPA Professional