Will Automation Cause a Job Crisis?

The topic “Will Automation Cause a Job Crisis?” has been discussed quite frequently in the last few years. The debate has been going on for quite some time, but at the same time, it is still very unclear.

Introduction: Will Automation Cause a Job Crisis?

When we ask the question “Will Automation Cause a Job Crisis?”, we immediately think about all the jobs that no longer exist today. Like the jobs of telemarketers, telephone operators, or cashiers. These jobs were lost because of technological advancements, but at the same time, new jobs were created to replace them. Do you remember what they are? Let us try to find out together.

The Beginning of Mechanical Automation

A long time ago, people used to have to go to a workplace every day, just to earn a livable wage. They needed money to pay for their families’ needs and wanted to be able to buy the things they were interested in. To do so, they had to work from 9-5 at a company for 40 hours a week. 

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Nowadays, however, many things have changed. The majority of the population works in offices and only visits the office once or twice a week. If we compare this to the past, we can see that this is an incredible change. However, we need to ask ourselves: Is this good? Are we facing a problem?

Automation and Job Creation

Automation does not mean job loss; it means job creation. Many experts agree that automation will lead to an increase in jobs in the future. 

First of all, new technologies create new jobs; people who code and program computers also need to be paid for their work. Additionally, companies will need experts who can perform automated tasks, such as IT specialists and consultants.

Furthermore, humanity has not yet discovered all possible technologies and ideas that will help us automate different tasks and processes even more than we already do. It is clear that we still have not discovered everything that could be automated, which means that there will still be newly created jobs in the future too. However, there is one thing that should not be forgotten: The workers who lose their jobs because of automation will always be helped by the government and society. 

Different experts plan on creating programs for retraining workers so that they can acquire new skills which are needed in the new environment. This way the economy could regain its balance even faster after automation hits it hard.

Is Technology Hurting Us?

There are some groups of people who are very worried about how technology is evolving today. A lot of them think that technology is making us weaker as humans rather than stronger. Because now more people are becoming addicted to technology rather than being able to live without it. 

We use our cell phones 24/7 just because we do not want to miss anything important happening with our friends on social media. Also, anything important happens on our emails or texts, or phone calls. We are so obsessed with these technologies that we do not pay attention when crossing the street or walking downstairs anymore because most of us are looking at our phones instead of looking around us. This way we can face a lot of dangers, and because of our constant addiction to technology, we will not even notice them.

Even though a lot of people are using these technologies for good purposes, without being distracted from their surroundings, it is still a fact that a lot of people are being distracted from their surroundings. And that is not something that should be encouraged.


To conclude, automation could be a good thing if we use it as a way to do the things that we do not want to do ourselves. However, it could also be a bad thing if we become addicted to technology and the things it offers us. The choice is up to you. It all depends on how you use this technology and if you do so for good or bad purposes.

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